6 Tips to Optimize Your Office Space

Workspace planning is vital to your office’s aesthetics, comfort, environment, and productivity. However, it requires more than just rearranging a few desks to maximize your office layout design. Follow these six tips for office space optimization:

1. Know What Employees Want

Employee feedback is crucial when planning your office layout design. Even the simplest layout will positively impact productivity if your employees are comfortable. Ask your employees for their input on furniture choice and arrangement to ensure you know what they want.

2. Create Opportunities for Collaboration

A well-designed office should provide opportunities for teamwork. Collaborative spaces can be as simple as a conference table where everyone can gather or a group of comfortable chairs arranged in a circle. Try to keep collaborative spaces separate from individual work areas to provide the right balance of privacy.

3. Include Space to Relax

Taking breaks during the workday is essential to improving energy, mood and creativity levels. Try incorporating a work-free space where employees can go to unwind. Consider adding a comfy couch, chairs, a few board games or a small library to promote relaxation and creativity.

4. Comfort Comes First

While it may be tempting to equip your office with the most affordable furniture possible, it’s probably not the best idea if that furniture isn’t comfortable. Uncomfortable furniture can decrease your employees’ productivity and cause health issues.

Opt for ergonomic furniture with comfortable padding and adjustment options so people of all heights, weights and shapes can use them.

5. Keep Tech in Mind

Involve your IT department in your office space planning to ensure everyone can access the technology they need in your redesigned area. Consider factors like Wi-Fi routers, printer locations, power outlet proximity and technology storage to best arrange the space.

6. Leave Room to Grow

As your business grows, you’ll need room to accommodate new team members. Consider where additional desks could go and how increased foot traffic will affect your shared spaces. Organize your furniture in a way that allows for company growth without major reorganization.

Create a Plan With Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

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