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  • Stone Conference Table

    Our quartz conference tables are paired with strong steel or wood bases for support and clean design. Our stone conference table is available in many sizes and configurations, these tables offer the beauty and durability of quartz. Power and data integration is available with these tables.

  • Span Conference Table

    Solid wood is the ultimate slim table top material. It provides a durable, high quality, and time tested appearance. Using high quality hardwoods coupled with a strong steel A-frame base, our solid wood thin conference tables are crafted to last a lifetime. Span conference tables can be customized to any size, species of wood, or finish.

  • X Uses for Wooden Trestle Tables

    The Top 9 Uses for Wooden Trestle Tables Are you wondering if a trestle table is suitable for your home, office or commercial space? Modern trestle tables come in many styles to suit any interior design aesthetic. Learn what a trestle table is and some of its uses and benefits below. What Is a Trestle…

  • Beyond Wood — 4 Alternative Tabletop Materials

    While wood is a common and popular option for furniture, it requires some upkeep, like sanding and touch-ups. Offices benefit from durable surfaces with low maintenance. Learn about excellent tabletop options for your company. Factors for Tabletop Options Determine the best tabletop option for your business by assessing these factors: Size: Think about the dimensions of…

  • 7 Pieces of Tech That Will Level up Your Conference Room

    As conference room tech advances, more companies are investing in office equipment that can fully address their needs. If you’re planning to change your meeting area to make it more efficient or accommodating, ensuring you have up-to-date technology is a wise first step. If you are planning to upgrade your office to improve your company’s…

  • Choosing the Best Table for Your Office

    Brainstorming creative ways to expand your one-of-a-kind services. Late-night collaboration with the team to push that final proof to printers. Working together to make that career-changing pitch to your dream client. Your business’s most significant moments happen around the conference table surrounded by incredible people. Why not invest in the space where the professional magic…