A Guide to Veneer Conference Tables

A Guide to Veneer Conference Tables

Everyone knows that a staple item in a conference room is, of course, a conference table. But did you know that the type of conference table you select for your conference room can actually affect employees’ decision-making process and morale? If you’re sitting in a room with a small, old and dingy conference table, your motivations and the decisions made around that table will reflect that.

That’s why many employers are opting to get new and improved conference tables built with enough room to accommodate all employees and strong enough to withstand all the critical meetings that take place in your office. A wood veneer conference table is one great option many employers are turning to for achieving these results.

What Is Wood Veneer?

To understand if a wood veneer conference table is the right decision for your office, you need to have a strong understanding of what wood veneer is and how it is used.

A veneer is an extremely thin piece of wood carved out from a much larger piece of wood. Veneer wood is typically anywhere between 1/8th of an inch thick to as thin as 1/40th of an inch. Manufacturers can achieve this extremely thin wood with intricate machinery and advanced technology.

In making a wood veneer conference table, this thin wood is pressed, glued or bonded onto a much thicker and cheaper selection of wood such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood or fiberboard. These base woods are typically much lighter than regular wood, and they make moving large pieces of furniture, such as conference tables, much more manageable.

Using wood veneer has a ton of practical opportunities for a wide variety of situations. While the most common uses for wood veneers are in constructing tables, desks, dressers, wood cabinets, doors and other furniture, wood veneers have also been used by architects and designers as complete interiors or as an accent to other mediums. Plus, retailers use wood veneers in their displays.

Other industries that have found use in wood veneers include:

  • Musical instrument manufacturers
  • Lighting companies
  • RV, aircraft and custom yacht manufacturers
  • Signage companies


Clean your conference table regularly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Dust your table every other day with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth.

Wood Veneer Cleaning and Maintenance

Since wood veneer products consist of natural wood, a wood veneer conference table will require more care and attention in cleaning and maintenance than if you had a glass or laminate table. Below are some tips to follow if you want to maintain the quality of your wood veneer conference table for years to come:

  • Every other day: Clean your conference table regularly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Dust your table every other day with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Once you’ve wiped the table clean, go over it with a soft, dry cloth, moving in the direction of the wood grain. If a spill happens, follow these instructions immediately so it avoids seeping into the wood.
  • Once a month:Once a month, repeat the instructions for regular care above, but instead of dampening your cloth with just water, include a cleaner that’s safe on wood furniture. Wipe off the cleaner with a clean cloth, moving in the direction of the wood grain, to remove any dirt or grime.
  • Twice a year: Using a soft, lint-free cloth, apply a high-quality furniture polish to the table. Don’t use any polishes containing waxes or abrasives or any oil-based formulas. It is also recommended to stay away from any aerosol-powered cleaners or polishes.

To prevent damage to your table, take the following precautions:

  • If you are using a glass tabletop, rest it on felt pads to avoid scratching the veneer.
  • Use coasters for any glasses or mugs.
  • Avoid laying vinyl binders on the table for extended periods.
  • If you place heavy objects on the table, put a protective covering between the object and the veneer.


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Wood Veneer vs. Solid Wood

When a wood veneer conference table is manufactured correctly, most people can’t tell the difference between wood veneer and solid wood furniture. How can you know which option will be best for your conference table? Each one has its own set of unique benefits.

Benefits of Solid Wood Conference Tables

Some notable benefits of using a solid wood conference table for your boardroom include:

  • It holds up well: Since solid wood furniture consists of one thick piece of wood, it can hold up well to normal wear and tear. Since veneer wood is thin, it may show the underlay if it chips. When solid wood furniture chips, you will see the same wood shown on the top surface.
  • It can be refinished: If your solid wood furniture experiences chipping, cracking or denting, the wood’s thickness will allow you to sand it down and refinish it to hide the blemishes.
  • It offers more options: There are limited types of wood that can be sawed down to such a thin layer to produce a veneer. Solid wood furniture comes in a wide variety of options to fit your needs.

Benefits of Veneer Wood Conference Tables

Advantages of choosing a wood veneer table include:

  • It allows for a flawless appearance: Veneered wood will not have any of the knots or other flaws you’ll likely see in solid wood furniture. This gives the furniture a cleaner and more detailed look.
  • It doesn’t warp with temperature changes: Solid wood is known to change sizes as temperatures and climates change. If your conference room is humid, your table will likely swell, and when conditions cool down and dry out, it will shrink again. This can cause issues with its structure. Veneered wood, on the other hand, does not have this problem.
  • It provides environmental benefits: Wood veneer furniture has significantly more environmental benefits than solid wood furniture. As mentioned before, veneered wood is solid wood stripped into many thin pieces. This means significantly more pieces of furniture can be made from a single piece of wood than if you were to use solid wood. That results in fewer trees getting cut down.

Choosing Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

If you are looking to make the jump and buy a veneer conference table for your office, consider purchasing from Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers. Our team of expert craftsmen produces furniture made from the finest materials, all sourced directly in the U.S.

Our veneer conference tables are large enough to fit your entire team and can be customized to match your office’s looks and needs. Whether you want a complex design on your conference table to show off your company’s uniqueness or are looking for a table that will hide all your wires and chords, our custom tables will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Our high-quality veneer conference tables are made to last, and we trust you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. When you fill out our contact form, we’ll contact you to schedule a call and learn about all your wants and needs. Then we will provide you with a price and samples. Once we get your approval, we will create your table and deliver it directly to you with our white-glove delivery service.


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Contact Us Today for a Custom Conference Table

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