The Benefits of Buying a Wood Veneer Conference Table

Wood veneer is real wood, made by cutting a log of wood into very thin slices. When you apply these thin wood slices over solid cores of wood structure, you create a veneer conference table. The result is a piece of furniture made from real wood that offers additional benefits.

When business leaders want a conference table, they often order solid wood tables because they assume that’s the best option available. However, for today’s offices, a wood veneer conference table comes with some big advantages:

  • Durability: Central heating and air conditioning in offices can be hard on wood. Veneer office furniture, however, allows the solid wood pieces of the furniture to expand and contract safely, with veneers acting as barriers. The wood has space to move without splitting or warping, which in turn helps your furniture look beautiful and last longer. Some pieces of veneer furniture have been around for hundreds of years or even longer. Archaeologists have recovered veneer pieces in the tomb of ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun.
  • Sustainability: A single log can make several veneers, meaning more of every log is used with less waste. Veneer furniture also lasts longer, requiring fewer trees for production. You can also refinish or repurpose wood veneer, so your conference table doesn’t have to be thrown out when you want a new look.
  • Innovative designs: Veneer conference tables often better accommodate keyboard trays, cable ports and other design features of today’s offices. Veneer is easier to manipulate than solid wood, allowing for a wider array of construction and designs. Beautiful veneers also come in many styles, colors and finishes, allowing for eye-catching and stunning conference tables. If you want inlays, herringbone patterns or other stylish features for your table, veneer makes it possible.
  • Availability: You can get many styles of veneer conference tables available in many colors and sizes. Veneer allows for larger, more stable tables than solid wood options and you’ll often find stunning conference tables in amazing wood veneers that aren’t available in solid wood.

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