Best Conference Tables for Videoconferencing

Best Conference Tables for Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing has become a significant part of how we conduct meetings today. You can collaborate with your colleagues and employees from anywhere in the world. A custom conference table can give you what you need to provide a comfortable, efficient space for videoconferencing. As you think about how you want your conference room to look, consider the following telepresence conference room ideas to help you design your conference table.

Videoconference Table Shapes

Videoconferencing is most effective when everyone in the room can see the screen and interact with all the participants. You can also design your table to establish a hierarchy or make everyone feel like part of the team. Explore the following shapes for videoconference tables.

  • Boat-shaped conference table: This unique shape can give your conference room a modern, elegant appearance. Since it allows enough space for many people, each team member can comfortably have their laptops on the table to meet with virtual attendees.
  • Rectangular conference table: This table shape usually comes to mind when you think of a boardroom. It establishes hierarchy by allowing those in higher positions to sit at the head of the table. You may like this setup if your company often has conference calls with many of your staff members.
  • U-shaped conference table: You can put three rectangular tables in a U-shaped pattern so all attendees can see the screen at once. The attendees can also talk to each other more conveniently.

Videoconference Table Electronic Abilities

Your conference room should have technology integrated into your furniture. This space may already have outlets and other features for electronic devices, but having a conference table with outlets gives your team everything they need where they’re sitting.

As you design your custom conference table with electronic connections, think about which features can make videoconferencing more convenient for your team.

  • HDMI outlets: Your conference room may include a television screen or large monitor to serve as a videoconference display. Connecting an HDMI cable to your conference table allows you to connect your laptop or electronic device to the TV.
  • Electrical power outlets: Even if you already have power outlets on your conference room’s walls, it’s much more convenient to have them on the table. Your employees can charge their laptops and other electronic devices without creating a tripping hazard with their wires. Electrical power outlets in a conference room table are ideal for long, collaborative meetings.
  • Landline telephone jacks: You may need a phone jack on your conference table to add people to a conference call. Consider installing more than one telephone jack if your office runs phone campaigns or needs to connect to multiple landlines.
  • USB ports: Set up your conference table with USB power and data ports. These options charge your employees’ electronic devices and connect them to scanners, printers and other devices in the room.
  • Ethernet ports: Your business might use Ethernet to establish a private internet connection for your staff. Having an Ethernet data outlet built into your conference table lets employees share files and access relevant information during a work session or meeting.


Besides installing tables for meeting rooms with all these electronic abilities, expert furniture makers can also hide wires within conference tables so that they’re out of sight from meeting attendees. Most of the time, we run wires inside the table’s base and install bridge units to connect them. You’ll want to design the table with these hidden wire capabilities so that electrical connection doesn’t become an afterthought. Having hidden wires in your table enhances your room’s aesthetic and makes your table more functional.

Videoconference Table Size

When you design a custom conference table, you can make it whatever size you want. These factors can help you choose the best size conference table for your videoconferencing meetings.

Your Team’s Size

More than enhancing your room’s aesthetic, a custom conference table needs to be functional by fitting all your team members around it. You may find conference tables on our site that can hold 20 people or more if you have the space for it. Think about how many people would attend a conference meeting at once, even if you usually have small gatherings.

It’s better to choose a conference table that’s larger than what you usually need in case you ever have many people attending a conference meeting. Otherwise, during those meetings, you may have to have team members lean against the wall or crowd around the table, making it uncomfortable for them to view the screen.

Your Desired Table Shape

Your ideal table shape affects its size because it needs to fit in your conference room. Some table shapes can hold more people than others. For example, a rectangular conference table can include more people around it than a round table. After you’ve figured out how many people you need to fit around your conference table, you can use our seating chart to find a table that accommodates your space. You’ll notice that different sizes and shapes can fit a different number of people around them.

Your Room’s Size

After you’ve decided how many people need to fit around the table and what shape would work best with your space, you also need to think about your conference room’s size. Your videoconference table should fit comfortably in the area. Measure the dimensions of your conference room and subtract the lengths or widths of the other furniture in the room so you know how much space you have to work with.

Even if you have a large conference room for videoconferencing, it’s also helpful for you to have enough clearance around the table where team members can comfortably get into their chairs and sit. Once you know the available space in your room and have considered how much clearance space you need, you can design a table within those dimensions.

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