Beyond Wood — 4 Alternative Tabletop Materials

Beyond Wood — Alternative Tabletop Options

While wood is a common and popular option for furniture, it requires some upkeep, like sanding and touch-ups. Offices benefit from durable surfaces with low maintenance. Learn about excellent tabletop options for your company.

Factors for Tabletop Options

Determine the best tabletop option for your business by assessing these factors:

  • Size: Think about the dimensions of your space. A room should be able to comfortably fit a table and chairs with ample space for a speaker to move around the room while presenting.
  • Shape: Decide how employees will use the space. Multiple tables together create options such as U-shapes for collaborative discussions and singular tables offer a place for workplace conversations.
  • Reliable construction: Brainstorm how you’d like your space to look and feel. Match this appearance with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

4 Alternative Tabletop Options

Great office furniture offers a beautiful statement piece and serves your company’s needs. Various alternatives to wood provide long-lasting tabletop surfaces. Match your branding and values with tabletops in your lobby, cafe, conference rooms and event gathering spaces with these materials.

1. Quartz

Quartz offers a sleek and modern design for businesses. The non-porous surface provides stain resistance with low maintenance care requirements. Select a quartz conference table in a black slab with strong steel bases for a robust table that’ll last for decades. Since the benefits of a quartz surface offers easy cleaning and a beautiful appearance, many offices also fill their cafes or indoor eating areas with quartz table tops.

2. Granite

Granite provides a timeless look with subtle natural variations. It withstands heat and cleans easily. Fill your company’s butler kitchens or lunch eating areas with custom granite furniture pieces. Rooms accommodating food and drinks for gatherings could also benefit from a granite conference table.

3. Marble

Marble offers a luxurious look. The unique patterns vary, withstand heat and develop a matte finish with use. Create a great first impression for your company by placing a marble-top reception desk in your lobby or a marble conference table in an executive meeting room.

4. Glass

Glass creates an inviting and open feeling in any office. The modern and versatile material withstands moisture and heat with a cool touch on the surface. Offer a unique conversation starter with a custom live edge and glass conference table designed like a river flowing. Employees, potential clients and guests love knowing a company invests in innovative, high-quality products.

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