Branding and Logos in Custom Conference Tables

You likely think about your branding when it comes to external marketing materials, but what about the design of your workplace? As Work Design magazine points out, you should consistently express your brand throughout your building to immerse employees, clients and potential new hires.

When you’re looking for ways to brand your workspace, the conference table is an excellent place to direct your focus. We’re going to look at why branded tables are a good idea and some options for incorporating your logo and brand identity into your custom conference table design.

The Importance of Branded Tables

Your brand is your company’s identity. Your brand message should embody who you are and how the world should view your company. Many aspects of your brand are intangible. They’re things like your values and reputation. However, some facets of branding are more visible. Your logo is one of them.

Your logo is a prominent representation of your brand. If you want to immerse employees and clients in your brand when they’re at your place of business, one of the best ways to do it is to incorporate your logo into elements of your workplace’s design. It could be graphics on glass dividers, a mural on the wall or even branded office supplies like pens and notepads.

When you’re looking for ways to brand your workplace, don’t overlook one of the centerpieces of your office: the conference table. A conference room table is a gathering place — a connection point where you can brainstorm with employees, review essential updates, conduct interviews, pitch to potential clients or meet with business partners. However you use your conference table, there is no doubt that this piece of furniture is significant, so why not incorporate your branding into your conference table?

A branded conference table that features your logo or other aspects of your branding keeps your brand at the forefront during the activities that take place around your table. Branding a more permanent piece of furniture tends to carry a different weight than branding office supplies or putting up posters of your logo on the wall. A custom conference table with a logo communicates that your brand is well-established and reliable, and that you won’t settle for the status quo when you can instead put your personal touch on something.

You can take this concept further by incorporating other types of branded custom office furniture into your building. The more your unique brand identity shines through, the better.

Methods for Incorporating Your Logo

If you want to make your logo part of your conference table’s design, there are several methods for doing so. Since we are all about customization here at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we are open to hearing any preferences or ideas you have when it comes to branding your table. The best way to incorporate your logo largely depends on the type of table and your preferences on the look and cost. The main table graphics options to consider include the following.

Inlaid Logos

Inlaid logos are an attractive and intricate option to consider. Inladi conference tables consist of multiple pieces of laser-cut wood, veneers or laminate. These pieces are like a jigsaw puzzle that, when arranged together, will form your logo. The pieces come in different shades, which in some cases, can even have a color wash. 

Our craftspeople arrange the components and attach them to a substrate to create one solid piece. We then sand and finish the piece. As the name suggests, inlaid logos sit flush with the surface of the table. That way, they are an integral part of the table, rather than being on top.

Engraved Logos

Engraving a logo involves burning it directly into the surface of the table with a laser. Because of their burned-on nature, engraved logos always appear darker than the background color of the table. You can stick to a thin line drawing or fill in parts of the logo with a darker appearance.

Engraving is an excellent option for more intricate logos that would be difficult to render in an inlaid form. As with inlaid logos, engraved logos are part of the table itself, and they have a traditional, organic feel. However, engraved logos can appear more modern, since they are ideal for sharper, more detailed images.

Vinyl Logos

Vinyl logos are another option to consider. We print these logos onto vinyl substrates, which we then apply to the surface of the table. In some cases, we first place them on a wood panel before incorporating them into the table. We can apply a sealer over the top of the table once we have applied the logo and make it appear to be a more seamless part of the tabletop.

Vinyl is typically the best choice if you want your logo to appear bright and vivid with your signature colors, rather than blend as a more natural part of the table. Vinyl logos can perfectly match the intricacies, including colors and shading, of your logo as it appears in other places.

Designing a Conference Table That Embodies Your Brand

Including your logo on your conference table isn’t the only way to show off your branding with your table. The design of the table itself can also serve to reflect your brand’s unique flair. First, consider the overall design style.

For instance, if your brand focuses on the natural world, you may want to consider a live edge or river conference table. If your company wants to project your forward-thinking ingenuity, you may want to choose a sleek, modern design for your branded table, such as a waterfall edge table. For companies that want to capitalize on their long history and established reputation, more classic, ornate solid wood boardroom tables may be more fitting.

The key is to think through your branding and to determine how that brand identity should translate into the design of your workplace, including your conference table. You may struggle to choose a banded conference table that perfectly embodies your brand if you’re choosing from off-the-shelf options. A custom conference table allows you to put your brand’s personal touch on every aspect of the table, from the overall design to the color, size and more.

Custom Logo Tables From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we believe you should never settle for a generic conference table that doesn’t truly reflect who you are as a company. Instead, we’ll work with you to create a beautiful custom conference table, complete with your logo design, so you can feel an enhanced sense of pride when you sit down to discuss the direction of your company or to meet with investors, clients and more. We can discuss all the options to consider, so you end up with a table that isn’t just functional, but is symbolic of your brand identity. Reach out to us to request a quote today.