Choosing the Best Table for Your Office

Brainstorming creative ways to expand your one-of-a-kind services. Late-night collaboration with the team to push that final proof to printers. Working together to make that career-changing pitch to your dream client.

Your business’s most significant moments happen around the conference table surrounded by incredible people. Why not invest in the space where the professional magic happens? When you purchase high-quality tables for office employees and guests, you elevate the working environment for your people and boost how your business presents itself to the world.

Ready to find that perfect boardroom table? Learn five tips from table design professionals to choose the best office conference tables based on your budget, room size, number of seats, mobility and style!

1. Know Your Budget

Before you dive into table shopping, first determine your table budget. Evaluate the costs of the entire space in question — the total cost of table, chairs and any other room changes, from technology upgrades to additional furniture pieces to new decor. You can purchase the most incredible, top-quality table, yet if it’s placed in a room with poor wall colors and rough-looking chairs, you’ll miss out on maximizing your investment.

There’s a variety of tables available for every budget. Remember, there is truth in the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Avoid the mistake of compromising table quality in the quest for a cheap alternative. A well-crafted table is a wise choice for your budget and will last for years to come.

2. Make Space for Everyone

No one wants to feel cramped in a meeting. It’s hard to concentrate and participate in the conversation when you sit shoulder to shoulder with others. When you make space for everyone to work comfortably, you can accomplish anything!

When you select a table with comfort in mind, you:

  • Optimized with ADA design and layout
  • Demonstrate respect for people’s personal space
  • Create a productive work environment
  • Make everyone feel welcome
  • Encourage free-flowing ideas
  • Boost work productivity


The basic rule of table spacing is every person should have a minimum of 30 inches of space per person. If your crew needs room for laptops, documents, coffee mugs, note-taking and general breathing room, plan for 36-42 inches per person. When you want to impress, a generous 48 inches per person will make your guests feel like VIPs. Your conference table should be appropriately sized for the number of potential attendees.

Choosing a stylish work table with ample room enhances employee efficiency and enjoyment. Remember that every space is a command center, from personal office desks to workstations for small groupings. A standard employee table should include room for a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, files, limited supplies, a few personal items and crucial white space — space left for note-taking and signing documents.

3. Consider Seating

When a person sits at their desk for more than 6 hours, or even just for an hour at a conference meeting, the chair must meet ergonomic requirements. Poor quality chairs lead to muscular strain and general discomfort. By providing ergonomic chairs, you offer proper support and reduce the risk of back and neck pain, making everyone’s experience far more enjoyable.

If you already have office chairs on-site or have specific seating in mind, consider the chair dimensions when planning your office conference tables to ensure they fit. Before finalizing your table choice, take the chairs into consideration:

  • Stay within your budget: Factor the cost of the total number of chairs into your budget as you review table options.
  • Seat more people: Rectangular, square and boat-shaped tables fit more chairs and people than other table shapes.
  • Maneuver with ease: While racetrack and round tables seat fewer people, they offer better maneuverability in a smaller office or tight space.
  • Make sure chairs fit: Chairs should fit around the table with ample room for guests and easily slide underneath without armrests touching.
  • Select matching styles: Make sure table and chair styles are compatible. Oversized, dated chairs look out of place against a sleek, modern table.

4. Leave Room to Move

A great table fits comfortably in the room where it’s housed. It may be tempting to choose as large a table as possible for a room to maximize seating potential. Still, an oversized table overwhelms a space and has the opposite effect on space usability. Guests should be able to slide out chairs easily, pivot chairs in a specific direction to focus on a speaker and comfortably move around the entire table.

Table attendees may need to leave midway through a lengthy meeting to attend other duties, take a break or retrieve documents. Or guests may wish to help themselves to coffee from a conference room credenza. Speaking of credenzas, remember to leave room for other conference room elements as you select your table size — sideboards, cabinets, technology centers and even potted plants.

Follow these conference table best practices:

  • Leave space between the table and the wall: For easy table access and ADA compliance, aim for at least 3 ½ feet of space around the entire table. For a more spacious experience, 4-6 feet is your best bet. Providing more space around the table better accommodates people using mobility devices, improving accessibility for all guests.
  • Leave space for each seat: Reserve at least 36-48 inches of table surface width per person. An accessible office conference table must have a surface height minimum of 28 inches, a height maximum of 34 inches and a minimum of 27 inches of knee clearance between the underside of the table and the floor.

5. Match Your Style

Your office is more than a place for you and your employees to work — it’s also the place where you’ll meet walk-in clients, investors and industry partners. If your board room looks cheap and outdated, clients may associate that image with your brand. Skipping an investment in attractive, quality furniture can result in a boring-looking environment that misses the mark for a professional first impression.

You need a beautiful, attention-getting table and tabletop that sets the tone for your business. A superior table comes in many shapes and sizes and sets you apart. It makes your workplace appear modern, organized and ready to handle more significant business opportunities. Get inspired with these on-trend office conference table looks:

  • Industrial modern: Embrace the timeless aesthetic of city architecture with a table made of metal and wood materials. An industrial modern conference table complements an office with exposed brick walls and wood beams. The steel plate base of a plinth table makes a bold statement in any room.
  • Live-edge slab: Turn heads with the organic lines of a live-edge table. A nature-inspired look works for both rustic and modern offices. If you love this vibe but prefer the usability of a straight-lined table edge, a valley conference table features the live-edge detail of two wood slabs in the center of the table.
  • River table: Create the illusion of flowing water with a river conference table. A meandering stream of blue glass follows the curvature of live-edge slabs through the center of the table. This anything-but-ordinary look marries cool blue glass and the warmth of walnut, oak, maple or ash wood.
  • Stone table: The sparkle, striations and variations in natural stone take center stage as a unique tabletop. A durable, one-of-a-kind quartz conference table adds elegance to any board room setup. Pair this look with a sophisticated light fixture overhead that reflects in the stone’s shiny surface.

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