Conference Room Design Do’s and Don’t’s

Conference Room Design Do's and Don't's

Companies today are increasingly concerned with the design of their workplaces. When you’re designing your workplace, the conference room is one of the most important locations to focus on. Conference rooms are where employees, partners and clients can come together for productive interactions.

Whether you’re designing a conference room for the first time or redesigning an existing one, these conference room design tips will help you create a functional and visually engaging space.

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Use Colors That Match Your Brand

One of the first things you’re likely to think about when you’re starting with a blank canvas — or in this case, an empty room — is color. This mainly comes down to what color you’ll paint the walls.

Rather than get overwhelmed from all the color options, stick to lighter colors that fit within your brand’s color scheme. This may mean going with a lighter version of a color that’s prominently featured in your logo. In most cases, you also can’t go wrong with white, as long as you incorporate some branded color accents into the room to keep it from looking too sterile.

Choose Materials That Reflect Your Image

In addition to the colors you choose, the materials you incorporate into your design can also reflect your company’s image. This is especially important if you meet with clients in your conference room rather than using it only for internal purposes.

For example, richly stained wood evokes a traditional feel perfect for a company that wants to highlight their reliability and long history. Sleeker materials like chrome can help you project a more modern, innovative image. Reclaimed wood is a perfect choice for companies with a focus on sustainability or nature.

Provide Ample Lighting

provide ample lighting

Lighting is another critical aspect of your conference room or meeting space’s design. A well-lit room won’t only make it easier to see documents or take notes — it will also help employees feel more alert when they’re in a meeting. Ideally, a conference room should have windows to let in natural light in addition to the light you install.

Lighting fixtures come in nearly limitless options, so you can choose a style that will add the aesthetic you’re looking for in your conference room. Using oversized or unique pendant lights as a focal point is a current design trend you may want to take advantage of, even if you already have recessed lighting installed in your conference room.

Include Collaborative Tools

Collaboration is an important part of the modern workplace, and a well-designed, modern board room should facilitate collaborative work. To help with brainstorming sessions and other collaborative work, install tools like whiteboards or other writing surfaces that everyone around the table can see. Even large notepads can serve as great collaboration tools.

You may also want to try modern tech tools to help with collaboration, such as interactive presentation displays or smart boards. These boards are designed for collaboration and for creating digital records of the brainstorming or presentations that take place on them.

Keep the Design Simplistic

Minimalistic design is a popular choice for modern offices since many people find they can focus better when they’re in a cleaner, more simplistic environment. Rather than worry about how you’re going to decorate every square inch, keep the office conference room décor simple.

Focus on one or two elements in the room that will serve as focal points, such as a pendant light and your conference table, and let these shine against simpler backdrops. You may even want to use muted colors to keep the room feeling serene.

Include Plenty of Seating

Seating is one of the most important practical aspects of your conference room. To plan for adequate seating, consider how you’ll be using your conference room. Will it be for board meetings? Interviews? Collaboration sessions? Meetings with clients? Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the case, consider the scenario that has the largest number of people in the conference room at one time.

Maybe you have a biweekly meeting that will involve 12 people. That means you need seating for at least 12. Did you know, though, that around 73 percent of meetings only include two to four people? If the room is big enough, consider including two tables: one large one and one smaller one to accommodate more exclusive meetings. However many seats you determine you need, select comfortable seating that fits with your aesthetic and ensure you choose a table appropriately sized for your numbers.

Work Technology Into the Design

work technology into design

Laptops and tablets are a necessity in the modern workplace, so conference rooms should be designed with them in mind. Some conference tables include outlets or an opening in the middle of the table for cords to come up from the floor. Charging stations can also be helpful in conference rooms or other locations in your workplace.

Video or conference calling is also an important tech tool for conferences. If your company uses these tools, be sure to include whatever physical technology you need in your conference room design.

Install a Custom Conference Table

Finally, don’t settle for a standard-issue conference table from an office furniture supply store. Instead, enhance your conference room design with a custom table. When you allow expert craftspeople to create a custom table for your conference room, you’ll get a piece that perfectly fits your design needs on both a practical and artistic level.

A custom conference table with unique design features, such as a waterfall or live edges, can help make a positive impression on anyone who visits your conference room. Conference rooms can tend to fall into a cookie-cutter look, but you can break free of this standard with an amazing custom table. A custom table doesn’t just look great — it also lends legitimacy to your business. It shows you have a unique professional identity.

Custom Conference Tables From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

If you want a unique conference table for your business, you can rely on Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers to create a custom conference table that’s perfect for your facility. We can help you find the design elements you love and make alterations wherever needed to deliver a product that meets your needs and your preferences on every level.

When you want your conference room to be a step above the ordinary, you need a custom table that serves as a beautiful focal point and a place where people can come together.