Conference Table Assembly Guide

furniture assembly directions





Step 1:

Assemble the base by matching the numbers or
letters on each component to each other. Three
different size bolts are included. 3” bolts: apron to
leg. 2.5” bolts: base to top. 1” bolts stretcher to leg.







furniture assembly instructions

Step 2:

Set all top components carefully on the base and
match the corresponding numbers to each other as
well as the hole numbers to the hole numbers on the
base. Remove the tape from the bottom of the table
components. Do not assemble the top on the floor.






Step 3:assembly guide for furniture

Insert the steel rods into the holes containing the
domino tight joint fastener with the counter sunk
side towards the floor. Tighten the set screws to hold
the steel rod in place.







furniture assembly stepsStep 4:

Insert wooden dominos into the remaining holes.
Slide the table top components together and tighten
the set screws on the remaining end. Bolt the top and
base together by hand in case small adjustments are
needed. Make any needed adjustments for alignment
and tighten all fasteners.








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