Conference Tables vs. Dining Room Tables

While shopping for a new conference table for your workplace can be exciting, it can also be unexpectedly challenging. That’s why so many professionals end up with conference tables that look more like dining room tables.

It’s important to understand that when buying a table meant for corporate functions, you need to think beyond the dining room.

The Purpose of a Conference Table

Conference tables were traditionally the place where executives met. They were long, rectangular and imposing, spotlighting the most important person in the room who usually sat at the “head” (short end) of the table.

These days, conference tables aren’t only for the C-suite — individuals and teams use them for collaborative efforts, too. Many businesses increasingly prefer round, square, U-shaped and V-shaped tables. These shapes help everyone feel equal, encouraging greater participation.

Additionally, modern conference tables may have a range of tech and power sources to become intuitive parts of any work session or presentation.


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The Purpose of a Dining Room Table

The dining table — it’s where families and friends gather to eat, chat and enjoy each other. Typically constructed of wood, metal or glass, dining room tables run the gamut from ornate to streamlined. They encourage an intimate flow of conversation.

You won’t find many dining room tables shaped like boats, hefty rectangles or huge squares. After all, formal dining rooms tend to be rather modest. Some homes don’t have dining rooms at all, making a very large dining room table impractical.

Though it’s possible to do schoolwork or occasionally work remotely from a dining room table, it’s neither convenient nor comfortable. Dining room tables are built for casual living and feature chairs designed for home life, not occupational needs.


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Make Sure You Have the Right Table for Your Needs

Even if you want your business to have a laid-back atmosphere, you should consider a conference table rather than a dining room table. While it may seem like the two table styles are interchangeable, they’re not.

With a little investigation, you’ll realize that dining room table dimensions, layouts and materials aren’t conducive to work needs. Your team deserves a conference table or series of conference tables based on your typical workflows and operations.

A great way to start your journey to finding the right table is to write down all the events you’ll use it for and how often you expect to keep it occupied. With that information, you can find the right fit.

The Best Conference Table for Your Business

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