Conference Room Table Cable Management for Modern Offices

You likely rely on various types of technology in your workplace to get the job done. When it comes to meetings in your conference room, modern conference room technology can play an important role, but when you’re struggling to plug in and connect devices, it can feel like a nuisance, rather than an asset to your meetings. A conference table with outlets is a must for any modern workplace.

Types of Power Sources for Conference Tables

First, let’s talk about the kinds of conference tables with built in power outlets. In the modern workplace, connectivity is vital. Even in a face-to-face meeting, electronics often play a critical role. Let’s take a look at some of the types of power plug-ins you may need in your conference room.

  • Electrical power outlets: You should already have power outlets built into the walls of your conference room, but having AC power outlets right there on the conference table allows people to charge their laptops and power other electronics conveniently during a meeting. If you use your conference table for lengthy group work sessions or meetings, tables with power outlets are invaluable.
  • USB ports: You may need two types of USB ports. USB power outlets allow you to plug in and charge devices like phones and tablets. USB data outlets will also charge devices, but they serve the additional purpose of connecting your employees’ devices to other electronics in the conference room, such as printers or scanners.
  • Ethernet ports: Many businesses use Ethernet as a private network for their business. If you use Ethernet at your workplace, including an Ethernet data outlet in your conference table will allow employees to access file servers and anything else on the network during a meeting or work session.
  • Landline telephone jacks: A phone jack can also be a helpful addition to a meeting room table, especially if you use a phone to add people to a meeting through a conference call. If you host phone campaigns, you may want to include multiple telephone jacks, so several employees can simultaneously make calls from the conference room.
  • HDMI outlets: Many conference rooms include a television screen to serve as a large monitor for presentations or group work. By running the HDMI cable from the TV to your conference table connection box, you can easily plug in an HDMI cable that connects a laptop or other device, so you can play video or broadcast your computer screen onto the TV.


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Why You Should Hide Cords in Tables

So, why should you opt for a conference table with power and network connectivity? Why not just pick out a conference table you like and use the outlets you have in the room to connect devices? The answer comes down to two things: aesthetics and function.
When it comes to the visual appeal of your conference room, the difference is undeniable. Why settle for a mess of cords stretching from your walls to the table when you could enjoy having an unobtrusive place to plug in devices that seamlessly integrates into the design of the conference table? You need your conference room to make the right impression on employees and clients. Your conference room’s design will either help you show off, or will leave people with the wrong takeaways. 
It isn’t only the appearance of your conference room that matters, of course. You can also make a positive impression and help your meetings go smoothly when your conference room is functional. Having conference table plug points is so much more convenient than having to find different plug points across the room, bending over to plug in devices and potentially tripping over cords. Conference table electronics are essential, so why not factor them into the design of the furniture?

How We Hide Wires in Conference Tables

Expert furniture makers can carefully conceal wires in conference tables, so meeting attendees only see conveniently placed outlets and no messy cords. How do they do it? Here at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we make custom conference tables to meet your specific needs.

There are some different ways we can hide wires inside the construction of your table, depending on the design. Typically, the best method of conference room cable management is running wires inside the base of the table, with bridge units connecting the wires from base to base.

You can access the outlets via a hatch or popup, so you can discreetly conceal them when they are not in use. Some conference tables include outlets on the underneath or sides of the table, but these designs tend to be less convenient than including plug points on the top where they are easily accessible.

The secret is to design the table with connectivity in mind, rather than attempt to hide wires as an afterthought. When you choose a conference table whose design does not conceal wires, you’ll find yourself trying to retrofit it with raceways or, worse, taping wires under the table to keep them out of sight. With a conference table with built-in outlets, you can enjoy a higher level of sophistication and a more convenient experience integrating technology into your meetings.

Making Sure You Have Everything You Need

When you’re working with table makers like Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers to create the ideal custom connected table for your conference room, consider several factors to ensure you end up with a table and an overall room design that perfectly meets your needs. Start by asking yourself these questions:
  • Do you have an overall vision for your conference room’s AV system?
  • What types of power sources do you need?
  • Where will you plug into the power grid?
  • What building codes do you need to abide by?
  • What aesthetic are you going for with your conference table?


We can help you think through each relevant detail, so your custom conference table enhances the aesthetics and function of your conference room. You may need an electrician or an AV technician to help you create the setup you want in your conference room. Our specialty is the table and any other conference room furniture you need. We also offer insight into conference room design do’s and don’ts, so you can design your conference room to wow guests and provide the perfect place for employees to feel inspired and get work done.

Custom Conference Tables With Power Outlets From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

If you need a custom conference table with plugs built right into the design, Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can create it. Our custom tables are functional and beautifully unique. Whether you want a live edge wood table for that natural feel, a sleek, contemporary design with waterfall edges or anything in between, our expert designers can bring your vision to life. A unique conference table with convenient plug-in points will greatly enhance your meeting space. Contact us today to request pricing.

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