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Today’s office has changed — people desire more out of an office than they did in the past. They want the furniture to look good but also to serve certain functions, such as getting them the information and data they need. Offices now reflect the company culture, too. Clients look at the furniture to get a hint of what the company values and why they should collaborate with that company.

Make a statement with your office furniture by purchasing high-quality custom wood furniture. When you invest in a great new conference table or new desks for everyone, you show your team that you believe in them. Purchasing new furniture is a vote of confidence in their abilities and the long-term prospects of your company. With the success you have enjoyed at your business, you deserve to indulge in something fun such as new office furniture.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can create the furniture you want for your office. We have been helping clients just like you since 2013, and we know how the right furniture can set the tone and tell a story in the office. Make sure to tell the right one with tables and desks from Greg Pilotti.


Custom Wood Office Furniture

We sell custom contract wood furniture for businesses of all kinds. When you purchase custom furniture, you get desks and tables that fit your space instead of the other way around. When you choose furniture made for your space, it looks more inviting and professional. Have you ever walked into a conference room where the table was too big? Everyone squeezes around it and can barely move their arms to write. That’s an ineffective use of space, and it makes the company look bad.

With custom wood furniture, you never have to worry about appearing uninviting. We make the furniture to your specifications, using measurements from the room where you will put it. That ensures your table or desk will fit like a glove in its designated location.

Many people are unsure where to start when buying new office furniture. Our experienced team can walk you through every step of the design and production process, and we offer input along the way. We will help you make the proper choices for your entire team.

Benefits of Buying Our Contract Office Furniture

With telecommuting on the rise, offices have become an afterthought for too many businesses. Yet the majority of employees still come into an office and need a collaborative space where they can work together on projects and incubate fantastic ideas. By buying them the furniture they need, you show your team you care. You’ll get repaid through great ideas and bigger employee buy-in to your business approach.

You can find many reasons to purchase contract office furniture. Just a few of the ones we hear most from our clients include:

  • Greater productivity: When you invest in your employees, they invest right back in you. By purchasing new, comfortable furniture that fosters cross-communication, you show your employees how important they are to your business. You demonstrate that you want to give them what they want, which will motivate them and spark greater productivity.
  • Outstanding quality: When people walk into your office, they judge you on appearances. Having high-quality furniture people like to look at, which appeals to their senses, will improve their perception of your business. Many of our reception desks invite touch with their smooth, inviting surfaces. This puts people at ease around you, another useful tool for business.
  • Unique product: We promise all of our furniture is one of a kind. We start from scratch on each project, and we make every piece of furniture to fit a specific space, so it never looks quite the same. Our craftsmen make every piece by hand, and you’ll notice small variations between each piece of furniture, such as the way it’s sanded or cut.
  • Fantastic value: You want the best desks and tables, and you get them when you buy from Greg Pilotti. Our tables are sturdy and will last for many years to come, so you won’t need to worry about short-term replacements.

Options for Rustic Wood Office Furniture

We have many custom-made options you can explore as you gather ideas for your design. Just a few variables for our high-end furniture include:

  • Wood: Pick the type of wood used to make the furniture, such as black walnut or ash.
  • Live edge: This keeps the edge of the wood intact, giving it a rustic appearance.
  • Reclaimed wood: Reclaimed pieces had a previous life in another capacity, such as a barn, and are reused for our furniture instead of going to a landfill.

Greg Pilotti: High-Quality Commercial Conference Tables and More

Our reputation has grown right along with our business in the past five-plus years. Greg started with just one craftsman, and now he has an entire full-service team to take care of your needs. We can advise you on what types of desks and tables would work best with your layout. Our clients appreciate this personalized care, and it’s what keeps them coming back.

Other benefits of buying from us include:

  • Shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Easy-to-assemble furniture you can put together when it arrives
  • Responsive customer service offered at your convenience


You will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you work with Greg Pilotti. Enhance your office and workplace attitude with a new conference table or desks.

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