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The furniture in a restaurant or bar sets the mood. For example, adding the right tables can show off the upscale establishment you own. Or purchasing a distinctive bar top can give the place character and make your patrons feel more at home. Adding cafe furniture that no one else can match helps people remember your restaurant and want to come back.

Custom restaurant furniture creates a personality for your restaurant or bar. It tells people what they can expect when they walk in the door. When they see live edge tables with beautifully finished tops, they know they have entered a fine restaurant and will expect fine food and drink. You have a chance to wow them with your decor from the moment they walk in.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has created custom restaurant furniture made from reclaimed wood for a range of bars, cafes and other eateries. We make furniture that fits your space and the feel of your restaurant. We want to enhance your style and make it look as though everything fits perfectly. You can only get this appearance with custom-made furniture. Reward your guests with the most comfortable and best-looking furniture available.


Custom Restaurant Wood Furniture

Custom-made furniture makes your bar or restaurant stand out. We tailor each piece we produce to our clients’ specifications. We work with you to determine the right choices based on:

  • Space
  • Color schemes
  • Budget
  • Design style


You gain furniture that fits your space perfectly. That means no awkward open areas or people crammed together too tightly to enjoy their meals. When you purchase furniture custom-built for your space, your diners can tell you have invested in your restaurant. They will recognize how nice the furniture looks and keep that in mind when they choose where to go the next time they head out to eat.

You also enhance diners’ eating and drinking experiences. People enjoy places with durable and reliable furniture. No one wants to sit at a table that wobbles, or is too high or low. When you buy custom furniture, you ensure everything fits just right.

The Benefits of Buying Custom Restaurant and Bar Furniture

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Why is it smarter to purchase custom-made restaurant and bar furniture for your space instead of getting premade tables and bar tops? Just a few ways you will benefit from buying custom-made pieces include:

  • More distinctive appearance: You can choose from an array of options that will make your furniture stand out. People will remember a place with live edge tables over a place with dull and uninteresting furniture.
  • Easy to develop themes: Do you own a sports bar or a ’50s-style diner? Then you want furniture that reflects those unique themes. Finding such things premade can be a challenge. When you get a custom-made table, you can specify exactly what you want. A sports team’s logo in the table, for instance, can add a new dimension to your bar.
  • Green business practices: We take reclaimed wood from a place where it would otherwise be thrown away, such as an old barn. When you use reclaimed wood for your new furniture, you reduce waste and have a positive story to share with your patrons.

Applications for Custom Restaurant and Bar Furniture

reclaimed wood restaurant furniture

What can you do with our reclaimed wood furniture for bars and restaurants? Anything you can imagine. When we talk to our clients, we don’t set any parameters. We want to hear your most ambitious ideas and achieve them. A few of our most popular applications include:

  • Reclaimed wood bar tops
  • Reclaimed cafe furniture
  • Reclaimed wood restaurant tables

Options for Custom Restaurant and Bar Furniture

You can select many options for your bar or restaurant’s new furniture. We know everyone prefers something a little different for their establishment, so we encourage you to ask a lot of questions and find the right look for you. Here are some things you can consider:

  • Wood type: We sell a selection of kinds of wood, such as ash and black walnut. Every type has different swirls, patterns and coloring.
  • Size: We can customize the size of a bar top, for instance, to fit your space. You can also order huge, long tables for a more casual bar or small, intimately sized tables for a more upscale establishment.
  • Shape: Circles, ovals, rectangles, squares — we can configure your tables however you prefer. We can also discuss the advantages of each shape, depending on your goals for your space.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers: Known for Our Quality

Greg Pilotti started our company in 2013. From just one craftsman, our team has grown to encompass an entire full-service production shop. We give each client the special attention they deserve and enjoy collaborating on new ideas and bringing exciting designs to life.

We have worked with many restaurant and bar owners and managers to optimize the layouts of their establishments. Every time we take on a new project, we put our experience to work for you. You can feel confident you’ll get the highest-quality furniture featuring our best materials, including our outstanding reclaimed wood as well as quartz, steel and laminate. Other reasons to order from us include:

  • We ship across the United States, and each piece we send is fully insured from the moment it leaves the loading dock.
  • We employ our own design team to work on your concepts.
  • We make our furniture easy to assemble when it arrives at your site.


We can also advise you on what to order. Your expertise is in the restaurant and bar industry, but we specialize in custom bar furniture and more. Let us share our knowledge to make your choices easier.

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Furniture made to fit your space and reflect the character of your bar or restaurant can help you grow and bring in new customers. We want to help you succeed. Contact us today to get a quote on reclaimed custom-made furniture by filling out our online contact form, located below or calling (484) 712-5178.