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When a client walks into your salon, you want them to sense the elegance, quality and serenity of your location. You set the tone with the furniture you display. The first thing most clients encounter is your reception desk. To make the right first impression, wow your clients with a desk that looks amazing while also meeting your practical needs for storage and organization.

Salons have changed in recent years — they have become more refined and use their space more carefully. Every square foot serves a specific purpose in your salon. You need the right reception desk that meets all your needs but doesn’t take away space where your clients wait. A custom wood salon desk and other custom-made furniture offer the best option.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can create the salon reception desks and other furniture to make your space dazzle every client. We tailor each design to our clients and their space. Our pieces showcase the beautiful grain of wood that makes this furniture so appealing. Trust Greg Pilotti to engineer the best salon reception desk for your space. Learn more about our custom-made furniture.


Custom Wood Salon Furniture

reclaimed wood reception desk

Salons often need a range of furniture for the reception area and other parts of the building. Your needs may include:

  • Reception desk
  • Lobby table
  • Screens or dividers to give clients privacy


You get pieces designed to fit your space when you purchase custom wood furniture. Salons often have very different layouts. Some have huge reception areas, while others are hidden in an alcove. The same size desk will look too big in one area and too small in another.

That’s why choosing our custom-made wood salon furniture offers the best solution. We make the desk to fit the space. You no longer have to worry about moving other things around to fit the desk. It looks as though the room was built to hold our furniture. Best of all, it also eliminates a sloppy appearance that can give clients a poor first impression of your facility. You will look neat and tidy with a new curved salon reception desk.

The Benefits of Purchasing Custom Wood Salon Furniture

When you buy custom wood salon furniture, you get control over what goes into your salon. Have you always dreamed of having your own space? You want to decorate it to reflect your personality and success. Reward yourself with custom-made furniture. You have worked hard to reach your dream. Every piece of your salon should reflect that achievement.

Custom-made salon furniture offers many benefits, including:

  • Letting an expert give input on your decisions: You may not have purchased a salon reception desk before, and feel unsure how to order this specialty item. Instead of fumbling through the decision, enlist the assistance of our experienced team, which has helped others in your position.
  • Unique pieces: No one will have the same furniture as you because every piece we sell is one of a kind. People will comment on your eye-catching desk, and you can tell them it’s a complete original. In a creative business, clients value this kind of out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Client-focused: Custom-made furniture is designed to solve your problems. We base the entire process on your needs. That means you cannot make a request too small. We value every insight and opinion you offer, as it all leads to a better end product.
  • Direct people’s focus: Salons are luxury spaces. They should convey sophistication from the moment a client enters. The salon reception desk plays a critical role in this. When you buy a custom-made desk, you control the tone and what people see first.

Options for Your New Salon Reception Desk

When you buy premade furniture, it comes in one shape and you have to hope it fits your space. That’s not the case when you purchase custom-made furniture. You can choose from an array of shapes that address your needs. For example, if you have a lot of paper files, you may want a desk with room to tuck away a filing cabinet or a longer desk for a big room. A few of our popular options include:

  • Curved salon reception desk
  • L-shaped salon reception desk
  • Salon reception desk with a glass display behind it

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers: Outstanding Furniture, Exceptional Service

You can find the right approach to salon furniture at Greg Pilotti. We have worked with clients to create reception desks and other furniture that clients and employees will enjoy using. Our team has grown from one craftsman in 2013 to an entire group that provides full-service production.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail. We want to get the job right. That’s why we provide renderings and drawings, so you know what the finished furniture will look like. Other benefits of choosing our furniture include:

  • Shipping anywhere across the United States
  • Easy-to-assemble furniture you can put together yourself
  • Outstanding materials such as quartz, laminate and steel to complement the wood
  • Great wood selection, such as black walnut or ash
  • Options including live edge or reclaimed wood

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The right furniture can increase the productivity of your salon employees and set the right tone for clients as they enter. Work with Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers to determine the best design for your new reception desk and other salon furniture. You will love our options, and we can help you find the one that best suits your business’s needs.

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