Creating the Perfect Video Conference Room


Meetings are essential opportunities for your employees to get on the same page and share important information. However, with the rise in remote work and global commerce, it’s more important than ever that businesses have a way to host meetings virtually. To keep these meetings productive and effective, you’ll need to have technology and resources like a video conference table and a properly outfitted room.

Let’s look at some things you’ll want to consider when creating your video conference room.

The Tech You Need

Technology is necessary to any work environment, especially in a video conference room setup. First, you’ll need high-quality displays and a computer to run your video conference and ensure that everyone can see. You’ll also want to ensure that you have video cameras, microphones and audio speakers dedicated to conference meetings.

Whether through ethernet cables or over Wi-Fi, having a reliable internet connection will be important to keep your meetings moving and prevent missed information. A control center with minimal functions, such as a powerful tablet, will further optimize your virtual conference room by letting you start meetings with the push of a button.

Keeping It Consistent

Your video conference room should have a sleek, minimalistic design. Keep the controls simple with minimal functions and remove distractions like mousepads or keyboards. You’ll likely want some sort of cable management solution to give your video conference setup a clean, unified look that clients and employees alike will appreciate.

Once you have your room prepared, give it a routine daily checkup to ensure it’s organized and ready to go whenever you need it.

Put the Tech in Your Table

When you have your video conference table custom-built for your business, you’ll be able to meet the specific limitations and restrictions unique to your conference room. Custom pieces are undeniably beautiful, and they go beyond aesthetics to enhance the efficiency of your room with built-in power and data lines so you can connect to an electrical outlet from your seat. You can even add lighting to your table to give your room a unique feel.

Adding tech to your table will reduce the space you need, making for an effortless layout while optimizing your room for productivity. With customized video conference room furniture boasting built-in technology, you can take virtual meetings to a whole new level.

Upgrade Your Remote Meeting Setup With a Custom Conference Table

Your video conferencing setup is vital to your work with others around the world. At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we handcraft our conference tables using only the finest materials from trusted suppliers. We understand how important your office environment is and we are dedicated to meeting your needs.

We create more than just fine tables. Each piece of furniture we produce is custom-built to fit your conference room and give you the capabilities you need for successful virtual meetings that help your business flourish. Are you ready to get your custom video conference room table started today? Call us at (484) 712-5178 or contact us online to learn more about our custom tables and technology.