Custom Millwork

custom millwork

Using custom architectural millwork in your new building turns the space into something uniquely your own. You can personalize the space and ensure it fits your business’s style and vibe. You can use millwork building materials throughout the entire structure, or you can limit them to a small space depending on your construction needs.

By investing in a custom design, you make your space more functional as well as more memorable. Your customers will appreciate your willingness to spend on your vision. Doing so makes you appear professional and complements the polished image so many companies want to convey.

Custom millwork looks fantastic. It will inspire people when they walk in your door. You will hear a lot of comments about the beauty of your space, and you will also notice that customers enjoy coming to see you and spending time in your exceptional work environment. Get the remarkable space you dream of when you commission Pennsylvania custom millwork from Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers.

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Custom Millwork Professionals

The team at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has worked on many custom millwork creations, from paneling to other building materials. We make our clients’ wildest dreams become a reality. Use your imagination and picture what your space could look like if you had the most talented and precise team available crafting your millwork. You will enjoy that and more when you work with us.

Your choice to commission custom millwork supports the craftsmanship that has become increasingly rarer in an age of automation. Every piece we create is handmade and one of a kind. When you get custom wood millwork, you recognize the experience and mastery as well as the artistry behind the work. That’s the type of investment that appreciates over time and that you will always cherish yourself.

What Is Custom Millwork?

Custom millwork is woodwork commissioned for a single purpose. A professional tailors the wood to your needs, fitting your space and parameters. You may choose a decorative style of woodwork, with ornate lines and elaborate decorative elements, or you can opt for something more simple yet elegant. Custom millwork may include:

  • Doors
  • Moulding
  • Mantels
  • Paneling
  • Reception Desks
  • Furniture
  • Storage
  • Cabinetry

No matter which you choose, you enjoy a piece made exclusively for you and that fits your space perfectly. That type of well-made, sophisticated millworking speaks to the values of your company and the prestige of having something produced just for you. It makes you part of an exclusive group.

The Benefits of Custom Millwork

Why should you choose custom millwork instead of something less customized or special? You receive so many advantages when you select this type of millwork, including:

  • Outstanding craftsmanship: Doing the job right takes concentration and vision. When you hire us, we bring years of experience that make our breathtaking creations stand out. Associating yourself with such craftsmanship pays professional rewards.
  • Distinctiveness: Why look like everyone else when you can be unique? Make an unforgettable first impression by turning your space into something everyone will notice and exclaim about. This helps you make an excellent impression on those who may use your business, and it makes your employees more excited to come to work.
  • Quality: Buying custom millwork gives you material that will last. The high quality of our materials is unmatched in the industry. We create pieces you can count on for many years to come. You don’t have to worry about replacing them, and that frees you up to spend more time focusing on your business and how to help it grow.
  • Professionalism: We have worked with many discerning clients just like you during our time in business. We know how to meet the high standards and expectations of the people we work for, and we often exceed them. Discussing your ideas and watching your joy as they come to life is tremendously rewarding for us.
  • Longstanding relevance: Custom millwork never goes out of style. When you choose materials or designs based on a passing trend, you may find yourself needing to replace them all too soon. Custom architectural millwork, however, has an appeal you will enjoy for the long term.

Custom millwork turns a space into a place filled with beauty and character. You will always love walking into your office space and seeing what was made just for you.

How Custom Millwork Can Enhance Your Home

In addition to making custom millwork for businesses, we can also add it for your home. You gain a warmth and character you do not receive when you opt for casework or mass-produced, pre-made pieces from a big box outlet. Choosing custom millwork turns your interior space into something unique. Whether you are building or remodeling your home, adding custom millwork will set your house apart from the other homes on your block.

You can select from many types of custom millworking, such as:

  • Cabinets
  • Moulding
  • Mantels
  • Picture or chair rails

Our custom millworking can be functional or decorative. You may decide to add a chair rail, for instance, to give your dining room a new dimension. Using handcrafted millwork makes the rail even prettier. You can find places in every room where custom millwork will enhance and improve your home.

If you plan to sell your home, and most people do eventually, custom millwork will give you added value that grows over time. Picking the best company to perform your custom millwork ensures everything is done correctly and you will enjoy the new pieces for a long time to come. We can discuss the best look for your home, whether you want more subtle handiwork or more elaborate, ornamental items. We will give you a free quote on creating this vision.

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Custom wood millwork offers a way to make your space into something more appealing and professional. It can also turn your home into the oasis you have always imagined. Get in touch with Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers to discuss the options available for you for your residence or business. Fill out our contact form or call us at (484) 712-5178.