Custom Reclaimed Wood Conference Tables


A conference table is an office staple, but it can be so much more. Give your team a unique and enduring space to gather with a reclaimed wood boardroom table and coordinating furniture. These beautiful focal pieces are highly functional and entirely one-of-a-kind due to the construction process. Variations in reclaimed wood, such as grain, knots, edges and remnants of its former life — like paint or holes — make every custom table unique.

Adding a reclaimed wood conference table to your office space will enhance the aesthetics and provide a rustic, homely feel to the productive space.

As Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers’ artisans, we pride ourselves in handcrafting custom tables made from reclaimed wood. All our tables seek to improve your office’s aesthetic and comfort through functional, lasting pieces with customizations like cut-outs for hiding cords and other integrations that fit your team’s needs.

What to Know About Reclaimed Wood Conference Room Tables

Reclaimed wood furniture is crafted from wood that served a previous purpose, such as a barn door, home flooring or old furniture. Though the concepts may sound similar, reclaimed wood differs from antique wood, which is much more scarce.

Reclaimed wood conference tables are unique in that you will never find two identical constructions. Each piece of reclaimed wood has its own history and character, giving a table made from this material a rustic aesthetic. Utilizing custom reclaimed wood tables in your office can spark conversation and emphasize your team’s commitment to quality work across decades or generations.

Fully custom furniture pieces are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. These tables look beautiful in contemporary office spaces as standalone pieces, alongside beautiful rugs or with other decorative furniture.

Reclaimed Wood Conference Table Designs

Introducing a custom reclaimed wood table will offer your office a blend of sustainability and timeless elegance. Our designs feature eco-conscious materials in a variety of designs, such as:

A-frame conference tables

Bayonne tables

Boat-shaped conference tables

Brass tables

Carve tables

Communal tables

Country tables

Portland tables

Railway tables

Community tables

Fulcrum tables

Rift conference tables

Solid wood conference tables

Span conference tables

Tenon tables

Trestle tables

Waterfall tables

Wood veneer conference tables

Each design can be customized according to your needs. We’ve created a conference table shape and size seating guide to help you decide what would be best for your office. If you’re curious about what finishes we offer on our reclaimed wood conference tables, explore our finishes guide to see all our options.

We have over 1000 patterns and combinations to choose from. Visit our resources and shopping tools page for more information.

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reclaimed wood meeting room table
dark brown wood meeting room table
wooden conference table
Custom Railway Table that functions as a conference table, dining table, break room table, kitchen table, and more.

Ordering Your Custom Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table From Our Artisans

We make it easy to order wood conference tables that will make a statement in your office. Here’s how we work:

Requirements: Chat with Greg Pilotti about everything you need from your table, including size, placement and integrations.

Quote and samples: After Greg receives the table requirements, our team will provide you with a quote and sample drawings of your piece. Once approved, we’ll proceed with building the table.

Delivery: We’ll deliver the table to your office once the table is built. We deliver nationwide. 

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