Elements of a Modern Office Space: Trends to Look For

Elements of a Modern Office Space: Trends to Look For

Workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, but over the last few years, we’ve seen huge shifts in the ways that a modern office space is designed. Open floor plans, games and rec rooms, flexible spaces and added amenities are no longer extreme but considered the norm for many workers today. Let’s dive in to some of the most popular office design trends today that are transforming the industry.

Benefits of a Good Workplace Design

It’s more important than you may think to utilize good design in your workplace. Quality interior office design can create a much more welcoming working environment, providing many benefits:

  • Employee well-being and happiness: Workers can have higher job satisfaction levels and overall well-being when working in a better environment.
  • Good first impression: Wow your clients, customers and guests with an amazing, updated office and meeting room design. Good design showcases your company’s personality and style.
  • Productivity and efficiency: Redesigning your office can often make better use of your floor space, providing flexible working options. Good design can also lead to higher productivity, collaboration and inspiration among your team members.
  • Updated technology: The world of tech moves quickly, and any office update gives you the chance to update your technology. Make sure your office furniture keeps up with the tech trends to support new equipment, too. Updated booking system tech and furniture show your employees and clients that you are up-to-date on the latest trends.

Trendy Elements of a Modern Office Space

If you’re looking for modern office decor ideas, these are the top trends right now. Let this list inspire your next office redesign.

Ergonomic Furniture

In today’s workplaces, the health and safety of all employees is a key concern. Uncomfortable office furniture can lead to back pain and work-related stress injuries over time. Ergonomic furniture options are designed to protect the wellness of the worker and come in a wide variety of styles. These furniture options include “active” office furniture like adjustable-height desks and chairs, chair balls, treadmill desks and standing mats.

Lounges and Recreational Areas

Gone are the days of cold office spaces with boring break rooms. The modern workplace often features lounges and recreational areas that are fun and relaxing for all employees. These spaces can provide a more home-like quality to an office, giving employees a place to unwind and release tension or an alternative space to complete their work. Many of these lounges feature games like air hockey or a pool table, which can be great for boosting morale.

Nature-Based Features

What could be more calming than bringing a bit of nature into the office? A stark contrast to the concrete jungle, natural elements in contemporary offices are a huge trend. This includes using natural building materials like wood and stone as well as an earthy color palette throughout. Take it a step further by including live plants, fireplaces and water features like fountains or waterfalls, which can all help relieve stress.

Transparent and Creative Dividers

Glass walls and office dividers give an impression of transparency and connectedness while still offering some privacy and sound reduction. These dividers let more natural light flow throughout the office and lend a feeling of a more open floor plan. Other options for dividing up the office space include portable walls, so you can close off certain parts of the office depending on your meeting schedule and the size of your group. Just move them when you’re done to open up the space again.

Noise-Reduction Features

One of the challenges of modern office design is the noise bouncing around the big, open, industrial-style spaces. Modern touches can be used to combat this effectively while adding to the decor of the office. Acoustic panels can be added to ceilings, and decorative panels can be applied to walls, absorbing sound and looking great. Another simple solution is using more cloth and plush decor like couches, chairs and area rugs.

Use of Color Psychology

The colors present in any environment can have a huge impact on mood, productivity and thoughts. Modern office spaces embrace color and utilize it in a way that can impact everyone who comes into the space. Good designers use color intentionally in offices to influence workers, clients and guests, while still looking neat and professional. Whether you incorporate energizing colors like orange to motivate workers or soothing, soft blues to calm visitors, color psychology can influence your modern design.

More Outdoor Spaces

Many workspaces today take the idea of including natural elements in their design a step further by providing outdoor spaces for employees to work, relax and socialize in. Outdoor spaces are so popular right now because they help boost employee morale and well-being. When the weather is nice, these outdoor areas are a great alternative to traditional office spaces. Keep workability and comfort in mind when designing these areas — provide shade, seating options and Wi-Fi access.

Increased Natural Light

Allowing more natural light into your space makes it brighter, and it can help to make anyone who enters the space feel more positive and relaxed. If your building doesn’t have as many windows as you’d like, you can still increase natural light with transparent workspace partitions and strategically placed mirrors. Utilizing glossy finishes and pale colors will also help light bounce around the space, making it appear larger and brighter.

Home-Like Atmosphere

Today, many jobs can be completed remotely but often need some in-office time. Companies can entice workers to come to the office more often by providing a residential-feeling atmosphere at work. This feeling can be accomplished with comfortable furniture and flexible workspaces. Think couches and lounges, open layouts, pleasing aesthetics and fun, homey touches.

Comfortable Conference Rooms

Much of an office worker’s time is spent in meetings, so the conference rooms should not be overlooked. These rooms may also host clients and other guests, so you really want them to stand out. Today’s trends for conference rooms lean into comfortable, home-like decor and atmospheres. Modern conference tables include unique designs and interesting materials and can really be the showpiece of the whole office. Conference rooms can also feature comfortable seating, and homey touches like rugs, live plants and softer lighting.

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