Elevating Boardroom Meetings With a Custom Conference Table

Your boardroom meeting table can set the stage for successful and productive meetings, whether you’re holding your meetings in person or virtually. As the focal point of your boardroom, your conference table has a place of visibility to in-person attendees and even to those joining by video conference. It shows your commitment to a professional image and helps you create a positive impression for anyone who visits your offices.

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How to Set Up Your Boardroom

Successful boardroom meetings begin with the right boardroom design, which relies on correctly arranging the right furniture. Here’s how to get the right look:

  • Evaluate your needs: Before you choose a table for your boardroom or start arranging your room, consider how you use the room most often. Are you holding small meetings in person, having virtual training, meeting clients or taking part in other activities?
  • Consider the features of the room: If there’s a large window, think about where you want the light to hit and how you can arrange your seating so the light does not interfere with presentations or projector screens. If your room has an unusual shape or features, make sure you account for these aspects when determining the style of your meeting room and how your meeting participants will sit.
  • Choose an ambiance: Whether you want a business-casual, formal or another feeling for your conference space, think about your company image and culture. Aim for a setup and look designed to reflect that feeling.
  • Make a checklist: Measure your conference room and make a list of every piece of furniture and equipment that you’ll need. These details can help you select the right size conference table. Make sure you have a list of essential demands, such as ensuring that everyone can reach a power outlet or can see the screen or front of the room for training. These needs will help you determine where everyone will sit and how you should set up the table/

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You deserve a custom table for your boardroom. Instead of trying to make your table fit your meetings, why not create a table specifically designed for your trainings, meetings or client calls? Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers makes stunning solid wood and veneer conference tables for companies of all sizes. Our team has years of experience and can create heirloom-quality statement tables for your future success. Contact Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers today to start discussing your design.