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We know it’s hard to envision how all of this comes together, but we’re here to help deliver peace of mind when it comes to this process.  We’ve developed a list of common questions and answers for you to peruse.  As much as we love to create furniture, we also love to have fun, and some of our Q&A’s below will show just that.

There’s a lot to digest below, so refresh that cup of coffee and enjoy.  Sure, get a cookie or two also.  No one’s looking…

If there are any other questions you have, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.  Or if you’re close by, stop at the shop and play with Prim.  She’s always looking for someone to throw the tennis ball around.


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You bet we do! We love everyone pretty much equally. Call or contact us today for more information on how we can help you!



We’re PA proud, so every single one of our products is made within our Pennsylvania shop. For any work that needs to be subcontracted we only use local trusted shops. None of our products are ever, ever, ever made overseas. Guaranteed. Learn more about us today.

Just about all of the wood we purchase for projects is harvested and milled locally in Pennsylvania. Steel is sourced locally and when possible hardware is purchased from local vendors. In cases involving exotic woods they are imported from the country of origin. While we love the world we live in, we won’t be utilizing foreign processes or shops to do any of our work. We’re PA Proud, remember? Learn about our custom furniture.

According to Albert Einstein, “time is an illusion.” But come on Albert, when is my stuff going to be finished?

Our lead-time is on your proposal and we’re pretty strict about meeting deadlines. If you’ve met Adrienne in our office, then you’ll know what we mean. Should there be extenuating circumstances beyond our control, believe that we will be proactive and get in touch with you right away. Otherwise, we make our dates. And we’re really proud of that. Learn more about our making and buying process.

Please visit our resources section and review our sales buying guide, give us a call, or use our live chat.

Final payment is due at the time the job is completed on the shop floor. You are provided with a photo(s) of the completed work prior to creating. Once the final payment is received the crate is released from our dock and shipped. View our resources for more information and downloadable guides.

Depending on the size of the job you will receive the drawings within 1-2 days and samples within 3-5 days, unless otherwise specified. It is very important to be ready to review our drawings and samples as a delay in response can alter the production schedule. Learn more here about our making process.

Being a custom furniture company we produce just about any type of furniture. Please call, email, or live chat today to find out if we can make what you need.

Each order includes a 3D rendering (model), shop drawings, wood/finish samples, and any other explanations necessary prior to any production beginning. Learn about our making and buying process today.

We mainly use lacquer, conversion varnish, and catalyzed urethane. If you are interested in a different finish we are happy to accommodate.

Just about all of our furniture has the ability to hide wires for table connectivity, call or email us today to find out more!

We offer drop off LTL shipping, white glove installation, you may pick the furniture up, and depending on your location our delivery crew will deliver and or install the furniture. Contact us today!

You may choose either option. We review these options before committing to purchasing furniture. Contact us to request pricing!

Yes, often clients make a change in the white glove or drop off only choice, just contact us.

It is always best to secure a spot in our production schedule, even if you are well ahead of our lead time.

Yes, all of our shipments are fully insured. However, it is the buyers responsibility to report all damage immediately if any occurs during transportation. Contact us to learn more!

Contract furniture is designed and manufactured for public and high-use settings such as lobbies, waiting rooms and offices. Learn more!

Ancillary furniture is informal seating and furniture that accommodate various postures, ranging from lounging to standing. Learn more!

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