Furniture Care Guide

A Guide to Keeping Your Furniture Beautiful

Here is our quick go-to guide on how to keep your table clean, damage-free, and functioning well. Enjoy!

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The Finish

Our standard finish is a catalyzed varnish or catalyzed urethane. Although it is waterproof, if there is a spill you will want to clean it up quickly. Avoid placing hot items on the table like hot pans or pizza boxes. Spills can also damage the data ports and seams—so if there is a spill, also make sure to clean it up right away to avoid damage. To stay on the safe side use coasters or placements, when using the table.



Keep It Scratch-Free!

All furniture items get small scratches over time, but to avoid the larger scratches you will want to be careful with ceramic mugs and plates, metal laptops (they develop sharp edges when dropped) and other sharp objects that could make their mark. Do not drag our rub items across the table—this will make it easier for the table to become scratched or damaged.



Overall General Cleaning

The best general cleaning is to use a damp cloth with mild soap to remove dirt or stains. Gently rub the area with built up dirt until removed. Refrain from using any cleaning tool that would scratch or mark the table—including abrasive cleaning pads. You should never use wax, furniture polish, oils, and strong ammonia based cleaners. Our finishes are not made to be waxed or oiled, doing so will create a sticky mess!



Careful With Sunlight

Direct sunlight (sun shining on it all day) can fade and stain wood. Direct sunlight can also cause cracking on solid wood components. If your table will be in a space with a lot of sunlight, or large windows, you may want to explore getting your windows coated with a protective UV layer. Closely monitor your table to ensure the sunlight is not affecting it in a negative way.



Refinishing and Engineering

Avoid placing a glass sheet on your table yourself. This can cause great damage to the table. If you need this feature, reach out to us. Should your table receive any sort of damage (marks, cuts, scratches, stains, etc.) Please reach out for advice on how you can best touch up the table, or we can help with the problem. We are happy to help!



Sturdy, But Stay Smart

Although we craft our tables to be durable and sturdy, avoid standing, laying or sitting on them. This is not what they are made for and could damage the table and/or be unsafe to do.


 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, if you need help with a project, or if you would like to speak further about how to keep your table as pristine as possible!