How Conference Rooms Will Look Going Forward

The pandemic closed many offices, making in-person meetings come to a halt. With restrictions loosening and offices opening again, many people find themselves in meetings that look different than before. Now, you may be in a conference room with a few other people and the rest joining the meeting online while working from home.

Learn how conference rooms are changing and what it could mean for the spaces in the future.

The Evolution of Meeting Spaces

Before office buildings closed in 2020, people regularly used conference rooms for meetings. When working from home started becoming more popular, brainstorming sessions and other meetings took place in virtual settings through video conferences. The state of doing business today continues to evolve, and offices are creating a new normal to embrace the changes.

Emerging Trends

With people heading back to the office and others continuing to work from home, conference room designs need to adapt to the different work setups. Many trends have started emerging where businesses incorporate more interactive conference room furniture and tech to embrace the new accommodations. For instance:

  • Modular tables: Having moveable tables in a conference room allows flexibility for a single space. Depending on the type of modular tables in the office, you could move them around to accommodate different breakout groups or lengthen or shorten the tables to make room for the meeting attendees.
  • Tech-incorporated furniture: Conference rooms can benefit from having tech-incorporated furniture. Computer monitors, outlets and more built into tables can help people be productive during meetings and brainstorming sessions. Attendees can use the monitors to look at presentations or plug in their laptops to take notes.

Custom Office Furniture Is the Solution

In this new era of office life, custom furniture is the best option to accommodate both people in the office and those working from home. Custom office furniture ensures work spaces have the technology and comfortable accommodations needed to help people stay productive.

Create Your Ideal Custom Conference Table

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