How to Care For Your Quartz Conference Table

How to Care For Your Quartz Conference Table

It’s important to choose a suitable material for your office furniture. A quartz conference table gives a great first impression for potential clients and employees. The design looks appealing in professional settings and offers many benefits to suit your company’s needs. Learn how to easily maintain quartz and enjoy its use at your business for decades.

What Is Quartz and What Are the Benefits?

Quartz is a man-made engineered stone created with precision and controlled quantities. Craftsmen combine igneous rock with resins, pigments and polymers, creating appealing designs and slabs that are always unique. If you’re looking for a high-quality tabletop design for your office conference table, quartz offers many beneficial qualities:

  • Non-porous: Quartz doesn’t absorb spills from liquids, such as coffee, and remains stain-free due to its non-porous material.
  • Highly durable: Surfaces with quartz offer scratch- and heat-resistant properties for long-lasting protection against office equipment.
  • Strong: A quart slab lasts for decades due to its level of hardness and lack of pores, making it excellent for long-lasting use as an office table.
  • Stylish: Personalizing quartz table tops include options for colors, patterns and shapes to match your company’s preferences.
  • Low-maintenance: Quartz doesn’t require reapplication of sealing for finishes for a consistent conference table appearance.

How to Care for Quartz Furniture

Company meetings and events usually require tidying up. Save time and keep your office looking great long-term with low-maintenance quartz tables. Gather at business functions with a clean and professional table surface.

Follow these easy tips for how to clean quartz:

  • Use mild soaps: Dab a mild, non-bleach, non-abrasive soap or detergent on a soft cloth for wiping most spills.
  • Wipe liquids quickly: It’s important to take caution and remove dark spills right away rather than letting them sit.
  • Apply a sponge: For dried spots, spray with a glass or surface cleaner and let it soak for about ten minutes before dabbing and wiping with a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Rub with an edge: Remove rigid materials like gum with a degreasing cleanser and a plastic putty knife.
  • Rinse with warm water: Apply oil-based cleaners like Goo-Gone to permanent markers or ink.

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