Conference Table Shapes: How To Choose The Right One

Your conference room plays an essential role in your daily operations. Your team hosts important meetings in this gathering area, and that’s why having the right conference room table is crucial.

Conference tables should help foster collaboration, maintain professionalism and be comfortable and convenient. When choosing a conference room table, consider size, shape, style and amenities.

Common Conference Table Shapes

While size and style are important, you also need to consider shape. Conference table shape is critical to the atmosphere you want to create. Rectangular conference tables are a common and traditional style choice, which might be suitable for your workspace. If you want to mix it up and invite a more casual or elevated appeal, another shape may be a better option.

Additional conference room table shapes include:

How to Choose the Right Conference Table Shape for Your Space

Table shape can affect both the room style and seating arrangements. When picking a table shape, you will need to consider your conference room’s size and how many people you will need to have in your largest meetings. Irregular or unusual shapes can take away seats, making it essential to know how many chairs you’ll need on average.

You will need to consider your conference room's and people size for picking a table shape.

For example, you might need to fit 15 people at your conference table, but your room is smaller. If this is the case, a live edge or U-shape table may not be the right choice for a comfortable seating arrangement.

You will also want to consider what is most conducive to your work environment. You may have a conference room large enough for several table shapes — so how do you know which is best for your office?

In this scenario, think about the purpose of meetings in this room. Will you speak with clients or partners here? Is the room mainly used for staff meetings? Will it work as a collaborative space where you and your team problem-solve and develop new ideas?

A rectangular shape might be a better option if you need to emphasize the meeting leader. For meetings where everyone is working as a team, modular or live edge might be more valuable.

Purchase a Conference Table in Your Preferred Shape From Greg Pilotti

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