How to Create an Inviting Office Environment

How to Create an Inviting Office Environment

An inviting office space can engage employees and boost morale. Learn how to make an office more welcoming with these tips.

1. Add a Pop of Color

Blue, green and yellow foster a relaxing and welcoming office atmosphere. Make an accent wall by painting a wall one of these colors, or create backdrop walls with these colors for hanging art.

2. Bring Nature Indoors

You can increase employee happiness and productivity with real or faux plants. A potted tree or shrubbery looks excellent in a lobby corner. Placing small potted plants on tables near windows adds a pop of color. Consider a statement shrubbery wall in a break room as a unique backdrop.

3. Update Your Office Furniture

Routinely update your office environment to maximize productivity and efficiency with these furniture pieces:


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4. Switch Up The Office Flooring

Flooring should suit the activities of your office. Various locations may have unique flooring needs:

  • Lobby: Make a great first impression with tile or marble that wows future employees and visitors.
  • Cafe: Provide employees with a sanitized lunch area by keeping the floor clean with tile that’s easy to mop and sweep.
  • Cubicle zone: Reduce sound and provide a welcoming office with carpet where employees often speak on the phone or host video conferences.
  • Office, meeting spaces or phone rooms: Keep details private with carpeted floors that absorb sound.

5. Create Unique Office Gathering Spaces

Design welcoming and inviting office space with the following:

    • Credenza: Store platters and hosting materials in a credenza. These look great under a PowerPoint wall in a conference room.
    • U Shaped Banquette: Provide comfortable custom seating in your lobby or team meeting zone.
    • Training Table: Easily fold these stackable tables for storage or use them in training or team-building activities.
    • Custom stool: Reserve space in your cafe with custom stools at an island or tables.


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6. Make Art Part of Your Office Interior Decor

Choose office art that inspires peace and productivity. Close-up details of flowers or plants encourage growth, and other custom pieces of your local area’s beaches, mountains or buildings add a personalized touch.

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