How to Prepare Your Conference Table for Meetings

A well-prepared, functional, and stylish conference room can help create a professional environment in which to do business. Your company can impress clients and keep employees on track with a productive and focused meeting when you have everything ready to go in the ideal conditions. Follow this conference room setup checklist when planning your next interview, negotiation, presentation or team-building activity.

Arrange the Table and Chairs Accordingly

A conference room meeting setup helps facilitate some of the most important conversations managers and employees have in the workplace. Prepare for each occasion with these steps:

  • Invest in high-quality furniture: Choose meeting room furnishings, such as a table, seating and storage, made with durable materials and meticulous construction to accommodate frequent use while maintaining an attractive appearance.
  • Set up your table and chairs:  Set up your conference room arrangement and layout to serve the purpose of your meeting, whether employees intend to use the ancillary furniture space for learning, brainstorming, collaborating or discussing business topics.
  • Allow clear pathways: Ensure the room’s walkways stay safe and clear by choosing a table containing integrated outlets and wire management. This feature keeps cords organized and allows meeting attendees to access their chairs or walk around the room while presenting comfortably.

Organize Necessary Supplies for the Meeting

Each meeting should be readily equipped with office supplies, technology tools and other items needed to achieve tasks on the agenda. Have these items available ahead of time to keep each conference running efficiently:

  • Provide clean writing surfaces: Provide a gathering place for sharing ideas with a whiteboard with dry-erase markers, an eraser and cleaning supplies, or a flip chart with an abundance of clean pages and writing utensils for taking notes.
  • Equip the space with technology: Invest in fast and reliable internet connection with the tools and equipment you need, such as a projector and remote controls. If needed, look up how to set up a conference room for video conferencing in advance so meeting attendees can tune in as scheduled.
  • Supply beverages and refreshments: Keep clients or employees focused on the subject matter and feeling content with a supply of coffee, bottled water or sodas, and sweet or savory snacks to enjoy throughout long meetings.


Customize the Perfect Table for Your Conference Room

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can help you design the best meeting room for your business with high-quality, handcrafted furniture. Our custom designs allow you to create pieces in any sophisticated or innovative style you prefer to reflect your brand. To get started, request a free quote today!