Live Edge Barn Door

live edge reclaimed wood barn doors

The natural beauty of wood provides an excellent way to set your office space apart. Adding a live edge slab sliding door to your office brings the look of the outdoors inside for a rugged yet nostalgic look that will become the focal point of the room. It’s a bold design that highlights your creativity and attention to detail.

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Are you looking for a live edge slab to create your barn door? Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has assisted many clients like you who want to change their office’s mood and tone by making it more playful and interesting. Live Edge barn doors tell a story, and they let people know that while you take your job seriously, you like to have fun, too. Discover the many benefits of adding a live edge slab door to your workspace.

Professional Door Millwork

Most doors are prefabricated, and you choose them based on what might fit in the spot you have available. Professional door millwork, however, is custom made just for you and designed to match your space. You don’t have to worry about fit or other details when you order a custom door because you know it is tailored to the dimensions and style you desire.

Live Edge Sliding Barn Doors

Live edge doors have rough, natural edges, and they beautifully display the knots and imperfections you find in wood just taken out of the forest. You can find a range of different types of wood species for your live edge sliding barn doors when you order from us, including:

  • Live edge walnut slab doors
  • Live edge ash doors
  • Live edge white or red oak doors

About Greg Pilotti

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has created many barn doors for clients across the United States. We love the challenge of making live edge slab doors that serve a purpose while also enhancing your space. Our designs stand out because of their high quality and sound engineering. When you purchase doors from Greg Pilotti, you get reliable and attractive designs. The live edge slab also adds a striking element to your office space that clients and employees alike will appreciate.

Why Greg Pilotti?

Greg Pilotti has been making furniture for years, and we want to make our clients happy. There is no one-size-fits-all with our products — each piece we create is made to order. We love finding just the right door to meet your needs. Other reasons our clients love working with us include:

  • Open communication throughout the project
  • We handle the shipping of your doors
  • Early and frequent drawings and samples of your doors to confirm design direction

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Live edge barn doors can define the look of your office and act as a practical separator between different departments in your business. The barn doors offer privacy but are easy to open when you need shared space. Get in touch with us today to discuss your live edge sliding door needs. Fill out our online contact form or call us at (484) 712-5178 to get a free quote.