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live edge table

When you walk into a business and see a table, you can judge a lot by its looks. A unique, bold table tells you the company isn’t afraid to take risks. The employees work hard, and they play hard, too. That’s the type of business you want to work with. Plus, that’s the impression you want to make on anyone who visits your company.

Whether you work in an office or own a chain of coffee shops, every business requires tables. They provide the practical assistance you need in a conference room or kitchen and also serve as a major indicator of your style. Style is about more than just design. It indicates your approach to business — perhaps you’re conservative or aggressive. As long as you stay true to that style, you will find the right clients.

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Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers creates live edge tables that reflect your style and focus to your potential clients. When you care enough to get a custom-made table, that speaks to your attention to detail and dedication to the long-term success of your company. You want to come to work every day excited about the job, and you want your employees to feel the same way. Surrounding them with high-quality, well-made furniture is one way to increase their buy-in with your mission.

Custom Live Edge Tables

We make live edge tables from wood slabs without refinished edges. The sides still retain the bark on them from the tree. We cut our slabs straight across, so the top and bottom are smooth. We then use these slabs to create custom live edge tables.

We custom design each table to fit your space. Why should you buy a custom table instead of one that’s premade? You can enjoy so many advantages from purchasing a custom table, such as:

  • Choice of size: Tables generally come in a couple of different sizes when you buy them premade, but when you purchase a custom size, they can be as big or small as you prefer.
  • Irregular shapes: Most companies make tables in circles, squares or rectangles. Ours come in whatever shape the wood looks like. That could be an “E,” “L” or any shape natural to the wood.
  • Distinctive legs: A live edge table can fit in with the decor of any house, from classic to modern. The legs you choose help to create that mood. You can pick fun and different legs for a modern home or more traditional options.

Benefits of Purchasing a Live Edge River Table

Live edge tables give you a conversation piece that people will mention as soon as they walk in the room. Fostering open dialogue helps bring us all together. When you answer questions about your unique table, you connect with customers while also telling them something about your own company and aspirations.

When you buy from us, we perform our own engineering and drawings. We walk you through each concept and gauge your reaction. We continue to show you renderings until you find the one you love. Then you work with our architects and designers on the design process to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Everything we make is tailored to our clients. When you buy from us, you take control of the process. You receive many other benefits, too, such as:

  • Design control: Premade tables come in just a handful of styles. With a custom live edge table, you can choose the attributes of your furniture. You may want one integrated with technology, such as USB ports. Whatever your vision, we can make it happen.
  • Consistency: Do you need multiple tables for a room, such as a huge hospital conference room or kitchen area? Or perhaps you own a restaurant and need tables for people to dine at. When you purchase custom-made tables, you get the same distinctive look for all of them, though each one may have slight variances. This makes your office or building look more professional.
  • Beautiful materials: In addition to the wood, you can pick other materials used with your tables, such as quartz or steel. These high-quality choices make your table stand out.

Options for Live Edge Tables

When you buy a custom-made live edge table, you control every aspect of the design. That means you can also pick what type of wood we use. Each one has a slightly different look, with more or fewer knots and distinctive coloring. You can select from several different types of wood, including:

  • Ash live edge slab
  • Black walnut live edge slab
  • Maple live edge slab

The table you get will show the gorgeous edge of whatever wood you choose, whether it’s an ash live edge table or maple live edge table.

Greg Pilotti Furniture: Experience, Value and Durability

Greg Pilotti has made tables for a range of businesses with differing needs. We work with each one to achieve a look that’s appropriate for their clientele, space and business focus. In addition to offering custom options and being easy to work with, we also give you a lot of other great reasons to work with us, such as:

  • Outstanding quality of our furniture: Our tables, desks and other pieces are sturdy, made from materials that will last for a long time to come.
  • We handle the shipping: We send it to your location, and we insure everything we send out.
  • Easy assembly: You can put our tables together right out of the box in no time.

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Show off your company culture with a table that’s made just for you. Get in touch today to learn more about our processes or see other examples of our excellent work. Our Parkersburg, PA, live edge table manufacturer looks forward to serving you. Get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form below or calling (484) 712-5178.