Our Making Process.

MADE BY HAND, FOR YOU.  There are hundreds of steps and processes that our craftspeople go through to produce high quality furniture. For our clients, we have narrowed these down to six key steps that will guide you through our making process. As a result, these steps will make the process of making and shipping our furniture clear and understandable.

Clarity for our clients is of the utmost importance, therefore, we created this process so you know exactly what to expect and when.  Be sure and follow our facebook and instagram pages and you just may see your project come alive on screen.

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Building Table Greyscale

Made by hand, for you.

Our making process is the same whether you’re buying an entire suite of products for your new office, or if you’re buying one of our live edge conference tables.

Every single detail matters to us because it matters to you. We treat each job with the same respect and detail and utilize a kanban system in our office so that complete transparency exists in our shop.

Therefore, we know exactly where your project is in every step of the process.

  • Made by hand, for you.
  • We follow this roadmap to ensure consistency and quality in all of our projects:
  • Selection

    Materials such as solid wood or slabs are carefully chosen from our trusted local suppliers. Most of the wood is harvested, milled, and dried all within Pennsylvania.

  • Production

    Our experienced and trained craftspeople create your furniture order to the exact specifications outlined in the sales process.

  • Completion

    The furniture is completed once all building and finishing is done.

  • Photography

    Photos of the completed furniture are provided to you. At this time the final payment is due.

  • Crating

    Our team carefully packs the furniture and components into a crate for its journey.

  • Shipping

    Once crated and the final payment is received the furniture is ready for shipping. Each shipment is insured once it leaves our loading dock.

  • Download Process PDF of our Production Process Guide