Millwork Moulding

custom wood moulding

Moulding provides the finishing touch to a room. It adds an accent that gives each room its own distinctive appearance. When you add moulding, you give a room personality and character. It offers a chance to channel your creativity and do something different.

Custom moulding makes an even more dynamic statement. This type of moulding is made to fit your space. You can determine precisely how you want it to look. Imagine the possibilities when you use moulding to define the room and tell people what to expect when they walk in. Bold moulding says a lot about the person who commissioned it. Tell a story by finding the right millwork moulding for your company’s new or remodeled office.

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Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can assist you with moulding, trim and other wood accessories. Our high standards and outstanding products are revered throughout the industry. We produce the highest-quality professional millwork available, and we can turn your vision for your office space into a reality.

The quality craftsmanship of Greg Pilotti mouldings, trim and other millwork will create a sophisticated space where you will be proud to bring clients. Your employees will also love the updated office look. Giving your space a distinct appearance can boost company morale, enhance your reputation with clients and make everyone at work happier when they see your commitment through your investment. Care enough to work with the best when you buy from Greg Pilotti.

Professional Millwork & Mouldings

Unlike casework, which is mass-produced by a manufacturer who has never even seen your building, professional millwork is custom made for you. When you opt for custom wood door trim and moulding, you get pieces designed to fit your unique space. That ensures they will fit perfectly and look sleek and professional. They convey the polished look you want your clients to pick up on when they visit your office.

Though professional millwork does cost more than casework, the investment is well worth it. The many advantages of millwork mouldings include:

  • The ability to choose exactly what they look like instead of deciding between two options you kind of like
  • Snug fits mean you don’t have to worry about loose or wobbly moulding
  • The high quality of materials employed in the millwork reduces the need for replacements down the line

About Greg Pilotti Custom Wood Moulding and Trim

Greg Pilotti creates an outstanding selection of wood moulding and trim options perfect for companies looking to distinguish themselves. We recognize how important it is to present yourself as a leader in your field. When you look the part, people will come to you with business, and your expertise and knowledge will become even more widely known across the industry.

That all starts by making a positive impression, and Greg Pilotti custom wood moulding and trim can help get you there. Our many options look at home in a range of spaces, from industrial-style warehouses to artist-style lofts. We can adjust our offerings to fit your vision. When you work with us, we trust that you know your clientele and what will draw the best response from them. We help you implement these ideas and stay focused as we create.

Greg Pilotti makes furniture, trim, doors and more, and our products are anything but ordinary. How can we set you apart? We can’t wait to get started.

Wood Moulding Types

You can add moulding to just about any room and around just about any space. A few of our most popular options include:

  • Rustic wood trim molding: Channel the feel of the outdoors blended with a nostalgic element when you order rustic wood trim. This is popular for companies that want to appear down to earth yet still have a great deal of prestige.
  • Reclaimed wood door trim: Reclaimed wood has become popular with companies that want to green their offerings. Using reclaimed wood recycles pieces that would otherwise be thrown away, and this wood has a unique appearance, with knots and holes. Using it for door trim is very engaging.
  • Reclaimed wood molding: Again, eco-friendly reclaimed wood is a trendy choice, but it’s also a smart one. This wood is strong and won’t break down. You can use it for ceiling decoration or around the foot of the room.

We can customize all of these options to match your vision. These ideas are starting points that will lead to moulding that is made just for you and like nothing else you have seen.

Other types of wood moulding include crown, chair rail, handrail, panel, window and more. Even if we’ve never created the moulding you want before, ask us about it. We love trying new things and taking on fresh challenges.

Moulding Wood Options

Different wood species provide different looks for your wood moulding. Talk to us about the atmosphere you want to create at your business. Tell us about your existing decor and your furniture. We can recommend the right kind of wood to complement those surroundings. A few of our possibilities include:

  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Walnut

We also carry reclaimed wood, taken from sites where the wood otherwise would have been thrown away. This wood may be of varying types and will have rustic, natural features that give it some added visual interest.

Why Greg Pilotti?

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers provides the professional experience you desire when you redesign or commission a new building. As a well-regarded company, you want to work with other businesses that share your values. We see the client relationship as the most important part of our work. Above all, we want to give you the experience you desire, listening respectfully to your ideas and offering honest and practical feedback.

Our clients love the original and creative designs we come up with. We tailor all our ideas to the individual client. There is nothing standard about the trim and moulding options we make for you. When you order from us, you get an experienced team working for you, one that knows how to ask the right questions and take your guidance to create something you will love. Other benefits of using Greg Pilotti for your moulding include:

  • Delivering your project on time and maintaining thorough communication
  • Providing samples and drawings throughout the process
  • Working with an all in-house production team that stays on the same page

Plus, when you choose us, you support quality craftsmanship. Woodworking is an art appreciated by many but mastered by few. Greg Pilotti has mastered this challenging medium, and we want you to enjoy the results.

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