Our Buying Process.

Our buying process is simple, efficient, and most importantly ensures a quality product is delivered to our clients. From the initial phone call or email a team member is here to guide you through purchasing our furniture. We have taken our buying process and broken it down into a few sections to highlight each step.

We follow this roadmap to ensure consistency and quality in all of our products:

  • Contact

    We are contacted by a prospective client looking to purchase furniture. Through email, live chat, or phone call we discuss the client's needs and our products.

  • Proposal

    A proposal is generated which outlines the furniture choices, contract review, and general information on our buying and making process. Details such as lead time, finishes, size, and shipping will be explained in the proposal.

  • Deposit

    To initiate an order of furniture a deposit is made along with approving the proposal. This serves to book the job and starts the making process in our shop.

  • Design

    Once the deposit is received our team provides 3D renderings, sketch drawings, and shop drawings for each product. These are to be reviewed carefully and serve to authorize the final specifications on the furniture.

  • Samples

    Since colors can vary on different computer monitors we send out samples for approval. These are actual pieces of wood and material with the color and finish your furniture will have.

  • Approval

    Once drawings and samples have been approved the furniture is ready for production in our Pennsylvania Shop.