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  • Industrial Conference Table

    This live edge industrial table balances the elegance of the slab with a strong metal base that resembles the sturdy architecture of a bridge. Each table is completely unique since no two trees are identical. These live edge conference tables are available in custom sizes, finishes, and species of wood. The featured table has optional power, connectivity, and wireless charging options installed.

  • How Do I Make My Conference Room Look Professional?

    Your conference room is the setting for many crucial meetings within your company, and you want this room to convey a sense of professionalism and give an idea of your company’s overall style. Modern conference room design is clean and uncluttered, with a few touches that give your brand some personality. And with ever-changing technology,…

  • Racetrack Conference Table

    These tables are paired with sturdy laminate bases for support and clean design. Topped with a wood veneer these are available in many sizes, finishes and configurations. Power and data integration is available with these tables.

  • Types of Conference Tables

    Types of Conference Tables When designing a new floor plan for your business or shopping for new office furniture, you shouldn’t overlook conference tables. The conference room is where you’ll hold important meetings, employee training sessions and more, and you want to project quality and professionalism with your decor choices. The conference room may also…

  • Reclaimed Community Table

    This large reclaimed wood table will be the focal point of any gathering space. This accommodating table utilizes integrated power and wireless charging ports for convenience at your fingertips. Available in endless shapes, stains, and sizes, these showcase the natural beauty of reclaimed wood.