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  • Why Every Office Needs a Conference Table

    Does an office need a conference table today? With so many things changing in the business world over the years, and as some offices switch to part-remote work hours or non-traditional office setups to accommodate open workspaces, it can seem like many pieces of furniture may no longer be relevant. However, the conference table is…

  • How Your Conference Table Speaks for Your Business

    You’ve put the work into making your business a reflection of you. The interior design of your office can say even more with a dominant centerpiece. A custom conference table is more than a surface for your employees’ notebooks and laptops. A business table can speak volumes about your company’s values through its design, shape…

  • How Custom Furniture Improves Decision-Making

    To have a productive workforce, you must have a workspace that allows people to concentrate. Your conference room is where you make some of your most important decisions, and a custom conference table can make all the difference in your company meetings. For results-based collaboration, the table in your boardroom should reflect the work you…

  • A-Frame Conference Table

    Solid wood is the ultimate table top material. It provides a durable, high quality, and time tested appearance. Using high quality hardwoods coupled with a strong steel A-frame base, our solid wood conference tables are crafted to last a lifetime. A-frame conference tables can be customized to any size, species of wood, or finish.

  • Custom Stool

    Using premium hardwoods and durable steel we can create many different configurations of custom stools for any use.

  • Best Conference Tables for Videoconferencing

    Best Conference Tables for Videoconferencing Videoconferencing has become a significant part of how we conduct meetings today. You can collaborate with your colleagues and employees from anywhere in the world. A custom conference table can give you what you need to provide a comfortable, efficient space for videoconferencing. As you think about how you want…