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  • Solid Wood Study Table

    Our solid wood study tables focus on simplicity and durability allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Available in endless shapes, stains, and sizes, these showcase the natural beauty of wood. No order is too small or too large.

  • Veneer Waterfall Table

    Like the calming and mesmerizing flow of a waterfall, this table is constructed with wood grain flowing from the top down the side, creating a strong and attractive design. Similar to our solid wood waterfall table, uses include a conference table, workstation, break room table, meeting table, or kitchen table. Custom sizes, species of wood veneers, and finishes are available.

  • Training Table

    Our Training Tables are available with solid wood, veneer, or laminate tops. The foldable metal bases allow for these table to stow away and stack within each other to maximize space when not in use. They can be made in many configurations, quantities, or lengths.

  • Quartz Reception Desk

    Our Quartz reception desk is eye-catching and can be made to any size or shape.  This unique desk is constructed with solid wood, metal, and quartz, but many more materials are available.  Desks can be configured to have storage and integrated power.

  • Solid Wood, Wood Veneer and Laminate: What’s the Difference?

    When considering furniture options, you want stylish, durable and affordable furnishings. Wood furniture offers a glossy, sleek appearance and can be solid wood, wood veneer or laminate. These are all distinct options that come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between these materials is the key to deciding which one you want. We’ll review the…

  • Wishbone Table

    The wishbone table captures the elegance of a natural edge slab and the craftsmanship of shop made steel wishbone legs.  Steel wishbone legs are more durable and lighter than cast iron, and can be finished in any color. Live edge conference tables are available in custom sizes, finishes, and species of wood.