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  • Conference Room Design Do’s and Don’ts

    Companies today are increasingly concerned with the design of their workplaces. When you’re designing your workplace, the conference room is one of the most important locations to focus on. Conference rooms are where employees, partners and clients can come together for productive interactions. Whether you’re designing a conference room for the first time or redesigning…

  • What Does Your Conference Room Say About Your Business?

    The conference room is a central fixture of most office spaces. It can be used for large meetings among employees, collaborative sessions, more private meetings, interviews, consultations with clients and more. Especially if you use your conference room for external purposes, you need your conference room to make a positive impression. We’re going to discuss…

  • Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

    Our reclaimed wood table tops focus on simplicity and durability. Available in endless shapes, stains, and sizes, these showcase the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. No order is too small or too large. Our reclaimed wood table tops are available in custom sizes and in many different wood species.

  • Terrace Reception Desk

    Our Terrace reception desk can be made to any size or shape.  This simplistic desk is constructed with laminate and quartz, but many more materials are available such as metals and solid wood.  Desks can be configured to have storage and integrated power.

  • Wood Conference Table Options

    Office environments are shifting in the U.S. from more traditional, sometimes drab surroundings to newer residential-feeling, fresh workspaces. One way to achieve the more current look you want in your office is adding stunning office furniture. With Americans spend a third to half of their work time in meetings, so it’s time to shift the focus to conference rooms that…

  • Reclaimed Beam Table

    Our reclaimed beam table is constructed from large pieces of beams that are reclaimed from local buildings and barns. This table functions as a coffee table, accent table, and many more uses. The reclaimed beam table is available in custom sizes, finishes, and species of wood.