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Choosing To Design A Custom Conference Room Table

Think about all the business meetings and job interviews that take place over a conference table. Custom conference tables offer business owners the opportunity to put their mark on their office. A specially designed table reflects the rewards of all the hard work you’ve invested in your company over the years.


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At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we let you sort through all the features you admire in executive conference room tables and give you a product you will be happy to call your own. We will answer any questions you have about ordering the best conference tables that are perfect for your needs.


About Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

In 2013, Greg Pilotti founded Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers with the dream of bringing quality hospitality, commercial and residential furniture to Pennsylvania and beyond. Since then, our company has grown to include a team of expert craftspeople dedicated to creating artistic but resourceful custom furniture across the country. Based in Parkersburg, our conference table manufacturers pride themselves on their outstanding skills.


We promise you high-quality custom office furniture. Whatever plans you create with us result in a finished product that exceeds your standards. We make our furniture with the best materials from our local suppliers. Using wood straight from Pennsylvania, we use creative energy and hard work to bring your custom office table ideas to life.


Our previous customers highly recommend our work and appreciate the ease of our buying and production process. If you want something different for your custom made conference room tables, we will work with you to improve the design, so you get the table you love.


We treat every customer the same, exhibiting transparency and excellence in all that we do. We will ship your custom conference table no matter where you are in the United States. We also offer a pricing guarantee.


Why You Need a Custom Conference Table

Work in the office happens beyond the desk. The right table can promote success among colleagues and clients while conducting in-person meetings. When mapping out your workspace, include a creatively designed conference table for your meeting room that invites guests and makes your office feel productive and energized.


Enhances Employee Engagement

With 70% of employees admitting they are not engaged at work, employers need to create a friendly and stress-free atmosphere that also produces results. Part of the atmosphere is using furniture that invites your employees to work or have productive discussions. Proper workspace design increases productivity and encourages talented people to feel more at ease.


Unique Conference Tables to Match Your Vision

Conference tables from other retailers generally come in standard sizes that aren’t meant to fit your room. A custom conference table gives you the flexibility to design a table that accommodates your space and your company’s culture.


Your office may be small, so a 6-person conference table may be enough for you. We also can design long conference room tables, like a 20 seater boardroom table. We even make U-shaped conference tables for video presentations and product demos.


Integrating power/data into a table allows for quick meetings and more efficient work. Based on what you need, you can create an 8- or 12-person conference table with technology integrated into it, or you could have a stunning table to show off to your client. If you prefer, you could even have a simple table that will last through your toughest, longest meetings.


Flexible Prices

When you buy our custom furniture, you will get great quality every time. We can work within your budget to give you the best quality for your money. You can customize your conference table with your brand logo, technology and your choice of a wood finish.

Build Cool Conference Tables With Custom Options

build cool conference tables

We create custom-made tables by hand for you. Our team specializes in custom tables for conference rooms, as well as tables for restaurants, coffee shops and breweries. You can craft your dream table with options for data/power integration, various size options and your choice of a wood finish.


Our job is to make the designs in your head appear before your eyes. Bring us your ideas, and we will make your dream table a reality. If you’re not sure where to start, we also will help you figure out how to design your table to meet your company’s needs.


When creating the plan for your custom-made conference room table, we follow a six-step process:


  1. Contact: Reach out to us by phone, e-mail or live chat to let us know what type of furniture you need.
  2. Proposal: We generate a proposal that provides an overview of the furniture choices, a review of your customer contract and general information on moving forward with the project. We explain important details such as production timeline, shipping, size and finishes.
  3. Deposit: A deposit gives us the resources to begin the process of designing and crafting your unique conference table.
  4. Design: Our team creates a 3D rendering of the table and sends it to you for approval. At this stage, you will provide the final specifications and details of your desired custom wood boardroom table.
  5. Samples: Since colors and finishes are not accurate on a computer screen, we will send you several samples of real wood to help you decide what type you want for your table.
  6. Approval: Once you approve the samples and designs we send you, we will begin the process of making your unique boardroom table.


Custom Wood Conference Table – Features & Making Process

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we want your experience designing your custom-made conference room table with us to be as smooth and stress-free as possible. For your convenience, we’ve included a list of resources on our website to help you craft the conference table of your dreams.


When you work with Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, the possibilities are endless. In addition to helping you craft new designs, we also assist you with editing and improving designs that need updating. We make custom designs based on any sketches, drawings, pictures or other types of inspiration you can give us.


After following the six-step buying process, we also follow a six-step making process, which is the same for all types of furniture, including custom conference tables:


  1. Selection: We select the materials for your furniture from local suppliers in Pennsylvania.
  2. Production: Using the specifications we discussed with you during the buying process, our experienced and trained craftspeople build your table with the utmost care and creativity.
  3. Completion: Your furniture is complete after we have built and finished it according to the model we received during the buying process.
  4. Photography: We provide you with pictures of the finished product. At this point, your final payment is due to us for your furniture.
  5. Crating: We crate your furniture by hand, ensuring it will be taken care of up until the time it reaches your office or corporate location.
  6. Shipping: Once we receive the final payment from you, we will ship your furniture. We insure every package.


Want to see the buying process in action? Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to access videos and photos of us creating new tables.


Conference Table Options

custom conference table options

Our team will provide you with a table that promotes efficiency and positive company culture. Here are some options to consider when designing your custom-made boardroom tables.



The size of your room and the number of employees or clients you have both play a role in the sizing of your conference table. Follow our size chart to decide how big you need your table to be. We will make tables as small as four-person conference tables and large conference room tables that can seat 20.



We can integrate technology into your table, giving you the opportunity to increase productivity in your office. Your executive conference table of any size can have power or data through the table top. We can run wires through the bases. Before considering adding technology to your modern conference table, make sure you have the capability of connecting your can r table to an electrical outlet easily.


Table Top Material

When customizing your table, the table top will be an important decision. Our quartz table tops provide durability, while wooden table tops demonstrate a more simple style. Our finishes guide will help you decide which type of wood is best for your modern wood conference table.



The shape of the table establishes power structure and hierarchy. Long conference room tables that are rectangular command respect and set the stage for a traditional work environment. A U-shaped conference table is ideal for video presentations and product demonstrations, while a round table encourages collaboration and equality among your team.


Easy Care and Assembly

We ship our tables to you, no matter where you are, and our tables are easy to assemble on site. Our custom conference tables are made to be durable and steady, and we outline several ways to clean and care for your table when it arrives at your office or corporate location. With our tables’ ease of care and assembly, you can start work on time instead of spending all day putting together your furniture.


Live Edge

Every live edge conference table has a story. We use wood from our Chester County, PA, woodworking shop to create our live edge boardroom tables. When creating our live edge wood table tops, we leave the outside of the tree intact, revealing the wood’s natural design.


We enjoy using live edge wood to design our custom conference tables because of the simplicity and the uniqueness of every table. Live edge custom made boardroom tables allow us to celebrate the imperfections and rough edges that create unique boardroom tables.


Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood furniture enhances the warm environment of your office space. We value the rich texture and stunning appearance of our reclaimed wood conference room tables. We use reclaimed wood to create a modern conference table from barn sidings, flooring from an old home or weathered furniture.


Reclaimed wood accommodates a variety of styles. We can create a reclaimed wood boardroom table with data and power integration, as well as matching accessories to fit in with the rest of your office. Impress your clients and your employees with a unique table that sparks conversation and increases productivity.


Wood Options

custom conference table wood options

We have several different types of wood to help you create your custom conference table:


  • Walnut: Walnut is our most popular option for modern wood conference tables.
  • Maple: Our customers like maple wood because of our ability to stain it with different colors.
  • Ash: Ash is our least expensive but most durable option for wood.
  • White Oak: Our white oak tables hide scratches from everyday use.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood is famous for its natural color.

Our material guide listed on our website explains the specs and features of each of our wood options and finishes. Before you approve your table’s designs, we also send you samples of our wood finishes to see and feel firsthand.


Custom Conference Table Types

We offer the following types of boardroom conference table designs:


  • Live Edge: Uses a natural wood table top as well as a crafted metal base.
  • Plinth: Carefully constructed of thin metal sheets for the base and a wooden table top for versatile look and height.
  • Railway: Serves as an urban conference table and is available in custom sizes, finishes and species of wood.
  • Rift: Durable tables with solid wood as the table top.
  • River: Two pieces of Pennsylvania walnut wood with a piece of glass running through the middle of them, resembling a river.
  • Single Slab: Uses unique pieces of live edge wood.
  • Solid Wood: Customizable and durable, the solid wood table is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • Trestle: Designed to break down and fit in an elevator, the trestle table is a good alternative to a steel base design.
  • Valley: Two live edge slabs of wood intentionally separated to integrate power and data into the table.
  • Waterfall: Follows a pattern of a waterfall flowing from the top down to the side.


Let Us Build Your Custom Made Conference Room Table

greg pilotti custom conference tables

Custom conference tables show the culture of the company. Tables are where companies gather as a team to collaborate, tackle obstacles and celebrate victories. Your successful company needs an executive conference room table to conduct meetings and enhance productivity for your team.


Call 484-712-5178 for a free quote and to begin the conversation about your team’s unique office furniture needs. You could also fill out the contact form below. We look forward to working with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Are Your Products Made?

We’re PA proud, so every single one of our products is made within our Pennsylvania shop. For any work that needs to be subcontracted we only use local trusted shops. None of our products are ever, ever, ever made overseas. Guaranteed. Learn more about us today.

How Do We Place An Order?

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How Long Will My Order Take To Complete?

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How Are The Conference Tables Shipped?

We offer drop off LTL shipping, white glove installation, you may pick the furniture up, and depending on your location our delivery crew will deliver and or install the furniture. Contact us today!

What Sizes Do You Offer?

All of our custom conference tables are completely customizable. Factors to consider when inquiring about a custom table include; room size, table shape, number of seats, and table height. Please see our sizing and seating guide to download a copy of our table design specifications.