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Custom Credenzas


Corporate offices, modern homes and the hospitality industry need furniture that blends beauty with functionality. At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we create timeless credenzas that fit in dynamic spaces — and we customize them to your exact specifications. 

Custom Credenzas and the Future of Flexible Space Design


We’ve outlined a few common uses for custom credenzas here, but their applications and design possibilities are endless.


The Role of Custom-Made Sideboards in Hospitality Spaces


Credenzas play a versatile role in hospitality spaces. Beautifully designed custom sideboards enhance guests’ experiences by adding to the ambiance you’ve created. Whether you use them as buffet tables or place one in a lobby with a display of brochures, each credenza is designed with form and function in mind.


Custom Credenzas in Unique Architectural Designs


With each piece sized to your specifications, custom credenzas fit into unique spatial designs. Place one in a nook as a recessed entertainment stand. Mount a focal piece of art on the wall with a credenza underneath to unify the space. You might choose a live-edge wood design for a space inspired by nature or opt for a credenza with a blackened steel base in more industrial settings. 


Custom Credenzas as Conference Room Sideboards


If your team uses a conference room for meetings and presentations, the furniture inside will help set the tone. A credenza can serve as a printer table, a coffee and beverage station, or a place to store whiteboard markers, a projector and other office items.

Perfect Dimensions for Your Space


The ideal dimensions of a credenza depend on what you’re using it for. If you plan to use it to serve food in a conference room, we can create a standing-height credenza. You might prefer a lower sideboard if you want to use it as a television stand. Whatever your vision, we can bring it to life.


We’ll also customize your credenza with your choice of finish, wood species and other design elements.

Our Process for Creating Custom Credenzas


While every piece of custom furniture is unique, the process of bringing your credenza to life has three distinct stages.


Idea Conceptualization


When you contact us, one of our team members will speak with you about the space where you’ll set the credenza up and the size you have in mind. We’ll also discuss how you plan to use the furniture so we can create a functional piece. 


At this stage, we’ll send you a proposal and pricing. When you place a deposit, our designers will begin creating shop drawings and 3D renderings. We’ll show you the designs before production begins so we can adjust them to your liking.




With your design approval, our skilled craftsmen will get to work. We make every piece of furniture in-house and use locally sourced materials whenever possible. Our metal and wood craftsmen combine traditional techniques with modern solutions, including CNC machines that bring out custom inlays and precise parts exactly as they appear in our 3D models. 


Installation and Care


We’ll ship your credenza when production is complete. Once it’s in your space, you can follow these tips to ensure longevity and maintain the beauty of your custom credenza:


Wipe with a soft wet cloth regularly or in case of spills.

Use diluted detergent to clean the wood.

Cover any chemicals with tight lids before storing them in the credenza.

Keep the furniture away from direct sunlight to maintain its finish.

Order Your Custom Credenza From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

Your custom credenza is just a few steps away. To discuss pricing or your design, call the experts at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers at 484-712-5178. Our customer service team will help you get started.