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Live Edge Wood Desks


Live edge furniture adds stunning beauty, natural warmth and attractive style to an office, reception area or any commercial space. At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we craft custom live edge desks using wood slabs chosen for their quality, form and appearance. Our team works directly with architects and designers, as well as alongside business owners and end-users. We can also accept orders of any size, from to one hundred, and more.

Design Options for Custom Wood Desks

People spend a good deal of the workday at their desks, so they need something they’ll enjoy. Each custom live edge desk we produce is a unique piece of custom furniture that is built with a matching wood or finished steel to fit your space and aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for your live edge desks, including a live edge corner desk.


Different finish options are available for achieving the right look as well — and because the density and flow of the wood grain, the shape of the slab and other natural design elements are never the same for each live edge desk, each piece is one of a kind.


Types of wood available for your live edge desk include the following:




Ash is a light-colored wood that is strong and dense. These slabs are perfect for creating durable desks that are resistant to wear. Ash woodgrain is typically straight, but it may include some curving and figured lines. This wood is relatively lightweight and is an excellent choice for a prestigious live-edge executive desk.



Maple is common for crafting high-end interior furniture. It is often almost white in color and may contain hues of reddish-brown closer to the heartwood. Maple wood grain can be straight, curly or quilted. It is also dense and durable, and it may include attractive natural accents.



Oak is known for its strength, so it is a perfect wood choice for desks in high-traffic environments. Red oak is light brown and porous with varying grain patterns. White oak is denser than red, and it ranges in color from tan to beige, with a straight and tight grain.



Walnut is a dark wood species, with colors ranging from light to chocolate brown. Walnut wood slabs make bold live edge desks, with a straight grain pattern accented by the occasional curl. Walnut is lighter and less dense than other species, but it remains hard and resistant to marring.

Why Do You Need a Live Edge Office Desk?

In a sea of ordinary workspaces, live edge furniture creates an attractive and engaging departure from the norm. Custom live edge desks create a memorable impression that is unattainable with traditional interior furniture. Live edge desks are durable and appealing, and they are made from thick hardwoods accenting their natural form. Beautiful natural wood slabs offer something new to see each time you look.


Aesthetically appealing office spaces are tools for attracting and keeping top talent, too. Creating a comfortable, engaging work area stimulates creativity and encourages productivity. Additionally, custom live edge desks can impress clients, visitors and passersby with their natural look and design that can fit seamlessly into any interior space.

Order Custom Live Edge Wood Desks From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

Live edge wood desks are eye-catching and rare, and our team of skilled craftspeople creates custom, elegant live edge desks matched to your space and design preference. Our custom desks are ideal for the hospitality industry, office spaces, living centers and much more.


We ship directly to you, too. Live edge desks are packaged with care and are easy to assemble. For pricing or design assistance, call the live edge experts at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers at (484) 712-5178 today.