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Solid wood dining furniture lends a sense of luxury and style, turning any culinary experience into a timeless and elegant event. Commercial dining furniture doesn’t have to be ordinary or mundane. You can create a stunning and exquisite atmosphere with accents of dark solid wood, antique details and plush banquette areas that elevate client experience and set your establishment apart.


We at Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, helping you create custom commercial dining tables that suit your brand and establishment outlay.

Custom Commercial Dining Furniture

Differentiate yourself and breathe new life into your commercial space. Our hospitality dining furniture pioneers innovations with modern practicality and timeless grace. Both environmentally friendly and consumer-conscious, our commercial dining tables are carefully designed to maximize efficiency and beautify your establishment.

Sustainable Materials

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers is committed to bringing you sustainable commercial solutions built to last. We’re an American furniture company providing eco-friendly American-made hospitality furniture crafted in Pennsylvania. Our commitment is as solid as the wood we craft, designing custom solutions that minimize waste with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Space Optimization Solutions

Whether you have an intimate space where patrons can dine in cozy settings or a more diverse floor plan with interesting shapes or unused areas, our hospitality dining tables are custom-made to fit any establishment. With thoughtful designs that efficiently use your restaurant or event rooms, you can maximize your floor plans to accommodate patrons how you see fit.

Brand Identity Through Furniture

Your brand conveys a message about your business, your vision and how you want your clients to see your company. Each of our custom commercial dining furniture offers a unique ambiance, allowing you to work around your brand while elevating the customer experience.

Ergonomic Designs for Enhanced Comfort

The comfort of your patrons is vital to us, which is why we innovate our custom hospitality dining furniture with careful contemplation. Our expert artisans listen to your needs and design solutions tailor-made to fit your unique settings, carefully considering space, depth and height.

Multipurpose Furniture for Dynamic Spaces

Greg Politti Furniture Makers understands the dynamic environment of the hospitality industry, which is why our commercial dining furniture is optimized for flexibility and efficiency. You can adapt our solid wood dining furniture for hotels, event venues, restaurants and corporate offices.

Why Choose Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers?

With us, nothing needs to be ordinary. We can craft custom commercial dining furniture to create dining environments that bring your vision to life. We work with interior decorators, designers, architects and end users to create beautiful, user-friendly dining spaces.

Contact Us Today for Premium Hospitality Dining Options

Incorporate striking commercial dining furniture into your restaurant, hotel or event venue. Contact us online for your free quote, or call us at (484) 712-5178, and one of our experts will guide you through pricing and design.