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Innovative Office Workstations


Your office furniture is a big contributor to employee productivity. You need enough chairs and tables for all employees to perform their responsibilities comfortably. An aesthetically pleasing office setup with workstations makes employees feel excited about coming to work every day.


At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we design ergonomic workstations that promote collaboration and raise employees’ daily output. Contact us for design assistance today.

Custom Office Workstations Tailored for Your Space

A workstation includes a chair, desk, computer and power. It is the space your employees use to execute their daily tasks. We design workstations that are customized to the specific needs of your team, whether they require more privacy, more collaborative spaces or a mix of both.

Ergonomic Designs for Enhanced Productivity

Employees can produce higher-than-average results when you provide comfortable, visually appealing office furniture. Our custom workstations keep ergonomics in mind, considering how to best support the body and minimize discomfort during longer work days. For example, chairs with an adjustable backrest tilt, seat height and arm rests help employees maintain good posture throughout the day.

Space Optimization Strategies

We know how important it is to make the best use of space in your office. Our customized workstations can accommodate a variety of office layouts so you can maximize what’s available. Whether you have a small or large space, we take your unique requirements into account to design furniture workstations that are both functional and beautiful.

Incorporating Sustainable Materials

At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we stand for protecting the environment to conserve our resources for the future. That’s why our tables and chairs are made from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood and wood veneer that can be recycled.

Advanced Technology Integration

One way to enhance productivity at work is by ensuring your workstation furniture has ample room for technology. For example, choose tables with enough space for all the power and data cables needed for monitors and other devices. Integrating modern technology also helps support in-office presentations and conferences.

Designing Collaborative Spaces

We have experience creating aesthetically pleasing furniture for different types of work environments, including:


  • Computer workstations: Desks for heavy power usage with comfortable chairs to accommodate long sitting hours.
  • Bullpen workstations: Sleek workstations with minimal barriers between employees to promote communication.
  • Cubicle workstations: Tables with barriers to support privacy and reduce noise between team members.

When selecting the right office furniture design, consider the ideal level of collaboration. If everyone on the team works on individual projects that require minimal interaction, you may need furniture with barriers for privacy. If your team collaborates frequently, your workstations for the office should be open to allow employees to share ideas.

Our experts can help you determine the right amount of collaboration required and provide guidance on a design that fulfills your office’s needs.

Start Customizing Your Workstation With Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

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