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Custom Contract Furniture

Workers in your office want a more mobile experience. They love having the ability to start an assignment at their desk and relocate to the break room to finish. Keeping up with this modern office space approach requires additional furniture to accommodate your employees’ emerging work habits.

New approaches to happier, more productive employees include adding ancillary furniture to your business. While you may have contract furniture in your reception area and conference room, ancillary furniture can meet your needs in other parts of the office. You may require more casual tables, chairs, stools and more to make your workplace more comfortable. Yet you still want the furniture to look as good as the other pieces in your office.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can create the look you want for your commercial-grade ancillary furniture. We make customized pieces for all parts of the office. Our talented craftsmen will work with you on a plan to improve your practical space and add furniture that makes your employees’ working experience more pleasant. Soon everyone at your office will have a favorite spot to work, and it may not be in their cubicle. Learn more about our ancillary furniture.

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What Is Contract Furniture?

Contract furniture encompasses any furniture used for commercial purposes. This includes couches in a doctor’s office lobby, the reception desk at a salon or tables in an apartment lobby. Who needs contract furniture? Buyers might include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, including doctor’s offices
  • Federal, state or local government offices
  • Other businesses, such as advertising firms, realtors or financial services firms

Contract-grade furniture must be more durable than the furniture you would use in your home. When you invest in commercial furniture, you get pieces that fulfill multiple functions and resist wear and tear for many years.

What Is Ancillary Furniture?

Companies use ancillary furniture throughout an office or other commercial space, but it is not the primary furniture you see when you enter the building. Ancillary furniture may include tables in your office kitchen or desks in your employees’ cubicles. It may also include:

  • Stools
  • Couches and sofas
  • End tables
  • Benches

Ancillary furniture offers employees a place to relax where they might not be seen by the rest of the office or your clients. They take up smaller spots throughout the office and act as the supporting cast.

One of the Best Ancillary Furniture Brands: Greg Pilotti Has the Pieces You Want

Greg Pilotti has been making ancillary commercial-grade furniture for businesses since 2013. What began as a one-person team has blossomed into a full-service production unit capable of fulfilling orders for one to 100 items or more. We make each piece individually for every custom order. In fact, we only take custom orders. There’s no such thing as a premade or one-size-fits-all item from Greg Pilotti.

We work closely with you to determine the best fit for your space. We tailor our furniture to your needs, and you get to decide between different options, such as:

  • Size: You want a perfect fit that doesn’t appear too big or too small.
  • Shape: We can make your tables as circles, squares, rectangles and more.
  • Materials: We have reclaimed wood, live edge wood and a variety of different wood types to choose from, as well as other materials such as quartz and steel.

When you work with us, you get many extra perks. We can ship your table all over the country. Plus, we offer easy-to-assemble furniture that’s a snap to put together once it arrives. Our team will create drawings and renderings outlining our ideas, so you know exactly what furniture you will get.

It’s important to note that we never use shortcuts. Producing a high-quality product is critical to our success and yours.

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E Equipment)

We create furniture fixtures and equipment for your business. Since they have no fixed position or connections to your building, it’s easy to rearrange a room or move things around your office.

FF&E encompasses just about anything you put in your office that you can move later on. It also must be vital to your employees’ ability to do their job effectively. Our FF&E capabilities include:

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Partitions
  • And so much more

Not sure if we can create the piece you are thinking of? We love a challenge. Get in touch to inquire about it and get a quote. With many years of experience making things our clients only dreamed of, we want to wow you with FF&E you will feel proud to display.

What Commercial-Grade Furniture Do We Offer?

Commercial furniture meets certain industry standards for use that ensure its durability and sturdiness. Contract furniture encompasses anything not used for residential purposes. That includes a wide range of items, from tables to stools. For your office, this might include:

  • Bistro tables for your break room
  • End tables for the lobby
  • Benches for an outdoor courtyard
  • Stools for a small kitchen

Do you have a piece of furniture in mind that you want to fit a certain space? Ask us about it, and see how we can make it come to life.

Let Us Assist You With Commercial-Grade Furniture: Call Today to Get a Quote

Well-made, attractive furniture can inspire greater loyalty and productivity in your employees. Giving them the pieces they want encourages them to do their jobs better, which boosts your bottom line. Contact us today to get a quote on ancillary-grade furniture by calling (484) 712-5178 or filling out our online contact form below.