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Beautiful, custom-made furniture can turn a workspace into an office — a place where you can collaborate, create, brainstorm and solve problems. Feeling comfortable at work spurs greater productivity and engagement for your employees. When you can get them invested in the task at hand, you will see better results. And you can do that by showing your workers you value them by surrounding them with well-made, attractive furniture.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers makes exquisite custom furniture from reclaimed wood. Our unique style and exciting approach to design mean no one else will have anything like the pieces we create for you. Your business gains prestige when you put one of our tables in your conference room or our desks in your office. Clients will comment on them, and you will feel proud to display them.

Every office needs a statement piece of furniture, one that sets the tone for company style and reflects the company culture. We can make that piece for you. Using reclaimed wood starts the story for your company, speaking to your dedication to the environment and “found” treasures. Let us craft the perfect piece that will finish that story and produce something clients and employees alike will love.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Manufacturers

As a maker of reclaimed wood furniture, we offer a unique service you won’t find in traditional stores. Our products are handmade to our clients’ specifications. We provide size and material choices that allow you to complement your space, and your ideas become part of our engineering and building process.

Buying from reclaimed wood furniture manufacturers is a responsible choice for small and large businesses. Reclaimed wood has been taken from a site where it would otherwise end up in a landfill, unused and unwanted. In your office, reclaimed wood gets a second life, becoming an integral part of your space.

The best reclaimed wood manufacturers understand how to work with found wood and turn it into something stunning. Greg Pilotti makes pieces with practical and artistic value, marrying the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood and Steel Furniture

Why should you order reclaimed wood and steel furniture? You can enjoy many advantages of choosing this type of table, desk or other office furniture. Here are a few reasons our clients adore the pieces we make for them:

  • High quality: Every piece of furniture is made with the best materials available. In addition to reclaimed steel and wood, we can also use quartz and laminate. We spend time conceiving the right design and size for each piece, making it truly one of a kind. Potential clients who visit your office will note the high quality of your furniture, which reflects well on your business.
  • Personalization: We make each piece to order, so no two are the same. The furniture demonstrates the properties you need in your office. For instance, if you plan to use laptops on your conference table, we can integrate power and data functions. The furniture you get will complement your needs.
  • Unique appearance: No one else will have furniture that looks like yours. In the business world, this can distinguish you from competitors. It tells potential clients a lot about your company. You appear professional and forward-thinking when you commission furniture specifically for your space. Customization suggests stability and success. You make a better impression by adding custom reclaimed wood furniture to your office.
  • Welcoming atmosphere: Every office needs a conference room table. When you purchase a mass-produced table that you could get anywhere, it adds no character to the room. But when you choose a table made for you from reclaimed wood, you showcase the personality that sets your office apart. Clients will feel more relaxed and open up more easily when they sit somewhere comfortable.
  • FlexibilityWhen you order furniture, you usually have to choose from certain sizes. If the size doesn’t fit your room, you are out of luck. When you have a reclaimed wood table or desk made for you, you can choose the exact size, so you won’t be stuck with something too big or small for your space. We can fit any room and make furniture that fits any building restrictions.

Options for Reclaimed Wood Home and Office Furniture

We serve many industries with our reclaimed wood furniture. You can use our pieces in offices for a number of different professions, including:

  • Hospitality: Our furniture is perfect for waiting rooms and restaurant lobbies.
  • Businesses: Reclaimed wood furniture is ideal for board and conference rooms.
  • Reception: Gorgeous live edge tables make for an eye-catching reception area in any building.


You can also purchase our reclaimed wood furniture for a home office. It looks impressive in a study and gives you the opportunity to get organized at home. Selecting high-quality custom reclaimed wood furniture also allows you to create a professional environment that will help you concentrate and be more productive when you work from home.

Greg Pilotti Is One of the Top Reclaimed Wood Furniture Makers

Why do people love the furniture made by Greg Pilotti? It starts with our attention to detail. We tailor our products to your needs, so you always get exactly what you want. We offer other perks as well, such as:

  • Safe shipping of your new table to your office
  • Worry-free ordering, as we take care of the details once you tell us what you want
  • Improved efficiency and production at work through better organization and collaboration facilitated by our furniture


With so many people now working from home, the office space has become less appealing to many workers. You can win them back with a custom design by Greg Pilotti.

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We rely on teamwork to make furniture that lasts. Each piece we produce is part of our legacy. Our furniture can bring new life and energy to your office. See what we can do for you and your company with new reclaimed wood office tables, desks and more. Fill out our online contact form, located below, or give us a call at 484-712-5178.