Reclaimed Wood Reception Desk

reclaimed wood reception desk

Your reception area is the entryway to your office. It sets the tone for every client who walks through the door. You want clients to enter a welcoming and professional atmosphere. But you also want to show some personality, too. A reclaimed wood reception desk allows you to do both. This unique and distinctive choice sets your office and salon spaces apart and shows you have what it takes to succeed.


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A custom reception desk matches your space, gives you a splash of character and serves an essential purpose. Greeting people who walk into the office is a job that may require more than one person, and a custom desk gives you the space your staff needs to perform these vital duties. Finding the right desk can pose a challenge, though, if you have not shopped for a reception desk before.

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers can create a beautiful reception desk that will serve all your purposes. Whether you want something formal, casual or modern, we can customize our reclaimed wood to match your vision. We can modify pre-existing designs and work from your drawings for inspiration. When you buy a reception desk from Greg Pilotti, you get a signature piece to set the tone for your office decor.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Reception Desks

We use reclaimed wood to make our custom desks. This wood comes from sources such as barns or places where it has already lived through one life. Repurposing it as a desk gives it a second life that saves it from going to a landfill. This green choice looks out for the environment and makes you feel good.

We make every custom piece we sell by hand, and each is one of a kind. We measure your space, so the custom piece fits perfectly in the room you have available. Since the desk is made for you, we can shape it like your space, too. Every piece we produce fits like a glove in the reception area. This gives your layout a polished appearance and inspires trust from potential clients. Nothing erases trust more quickly than sloppiness.

Custom-made pieces look neat and tidy, giving the impression that you carefully considered every item. The room contains nothing extra, and that puts potential clients at ease. Many people associate neatness with efficiency, which reflects well on your company. Finding a custom-made piece to complement your reception area can help you earn more money by making a better impression on potential clients.

Benefits of Buying A Custom Wooden Reception Desk

You can choose from many different types of reception desks. Why should you buy a custom-made one? There are so many reasons to opt for this type of desk, including:

  • Quality: When you purchase a custom-made piece, you know you are getting the best product your money can buy. We craft each piece by hand with an attention to detail unmatched by mass-production methods used to create most furniture. We only use top-notch materials for our desks, so you know you get furniture you can rely on for years to come.
  • Uniqueness: Furniture tells a story — it lets people know what your company values. It makes an impression, and you want it to make the right one. When you buy custom-made furniture, you get a piece no one else has. It reflects the culture of your company and personality to tell your unique story.
  • Durability: Buying a reception desk should be a one-time purchase. You don’t want to have to replace the desk shortly down the road. By investing in custom-made furniture, you get the sturdiness you want from a reception desk, which you can use in the long-term.
  • Input: Custom-made furniture takes time to plan, and you have a voice throughout the process. We check in with you and offer renderings of the piece for your approval. You can make tweaks as you see new ideas, and you stay informed and in charge throughout the creation process.

Options for Custom Reception Desks

No two desks we create ever look the same, as each one has slightly different capabilities and features. We love lining up the best options for you to explore when you start the process of getting a new desk, whether it’s rustic reception desks for sale or more modern versions. A few popular options for reclaimed wood reception desks include:

  • Distressed reception desk
  • Wood and steel reception desk
  • Live edge wood reception desk

Greg Pilotti Has Rustic Reception Desks for Sale and More

Greg Pilotti opened his furniture-making business in 2013 with just one craftsman. Since then, the staff has grown to include a full production team of craftsmen who can meet our clients’ furniture needs. We do the engineering and drawing on our own, and our design team confers with our clients throughout the process to stay on track.

We can create desks and other furniture to fit any room. Tell us about your building standards, and we can meet them. We provide the individualized service so many of our clients crave. Other benefits of buying from Greg Pilotti include:

  • Safe and cost-effective shipping to anywhere in the United States, with insurance on all the furniture we send out.
  • Easy-to-assemble tables and desks upon arrival.
  • We accept any order size, from one piece to 100.
  • We work with trusted partners to get our exceptionally beautiful wood slabs.

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Buying a reception desk may seem daunting if you don’t know how to start. Let us walk you through the process to arrive at a desk you feel excited about purchasing. Contact us today to learn more about our desks and get a quote. Fill out our contact form below, or call (484) 712-5178. We look forward to working together.