Reclaimed Wood Table

reclaimed wood table

Every office needs desks. This basic requirement can be dull and boring when you select furniture from a retailer that mass produces desks. It becomes more interesting when you can get truly one-of-a-kind furniture. Reclaimed wood desks add excitement to your office. Each one is customizable, so your employees will be excited to use their spacious and attractive desks. Adding them to the office helps employees become more organized and more productive. Who doesn’t want that?

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Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has been creating beautiful, custom reclaimed wood desks, tables and other office furniture since 2013. We started as a one-craftsman shop. We’ve since grown to employ an entire team of craftsmen in our production room. Our reputation has grown as swiftly as our staff. People recognize the impressive effort and time that goes into every piece of furniture we make to order. No two are alike, and you will love talking to us about your ideas and watching them come to life.

Reclaimed wood computer desks offer a unique way to furnish your office. Clients will appreciate the professionalism and dedication to detail our desks exhibit. Whether you want reclaimed wood industrial desks or more expansive L-shaped ones for an executive suite, you can find what you need from Greg Pilotti.

Reclaimed Wood Computer Desks

Reclaimed wood computer desks are made from wood that would otherwise head to the scrap heap or the landfill. This wood has been rescued and given a second life to create office furniture. This makes reclaimed wood a green option that many companies feel good about choosing. You look out for the environment and get a singular style when you choose products made from reclaimed wood.

Computer desks made from reclaimed wood exhibit different characteristics. The wood grain may appear inconsistent, and it may have knots or holes throughout. These small inconsistencies add to your furniture’s charm. It’s clear you’ve chosen real wood for your desk when you see these small imperfections.

The Benefits of Choosing a Reclaimed Wood Computer Desk

You can pick many different styles and types of computer desks for your office. Why should you choose ones made from reclaimed wood? Here are five advantages you get from selecting reclaimed wood desks from Greg Pilotti:

  1. Unique appearance: No one will have the same desks as you when you order reclaimed wood furniture. The differences between each piece of wood used to fashion the desks ensure each one is unique. Having one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood executive desks in your office helps set you apart from your competitors. Clients love seeing this type of individualism when they visit you.
  2. High quality: Reclaimed wood computer desks are built to last. You can feel confident that whatever you choose to purchase will remain reliable for years to come. The exceptional craftsmanship and superior materials we use create desks that will stand up to frequent use. Daily wear and tear won’t hurt our sturdy office furniture.
  3. Varying materials: Reclaimed wood forms the base of every desk, but we also employ other well-made, durable materials when constructing furniture. We work with you to find the right look. Laminate, steel and quartz are just a few of the possibilities. These materials come together for a beautiful and unfettered look our clients love.
  4. Craftsmanship: The energy and creativity behind our reclaimed wood desks is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. Our team does our own engineering and drawings and works with architects and designers to strike a balance between artistic and practical. You will love displaying our desks in your office and hearing people ask where they came from.
  5. Sustainability: We all have a responsibility to waste less. When you choose desks made from reclaimed wood, you make a commitment to the earth. If more companies showed similar environmental consciousness, it would make a difference.

Options for Reclaimed Wood Desks: Executive, Industrial or L-Shaped Desks

You can choose the size and style of desk that fits your office space. If you have more limited room, you may opt for smaller executive desks that take up less space. A desk going in a spacious executive suite might be L-shaped to give the user greater storage space and the ability to spread out when discussing high-level decisions.

We can accommodate your requests and create unique desks that fit your needs. We are always open to suggestions, and we can offer guidance if you aren’t sure what type of desk would look best in your space.

Why Use Greg Pilotti for Your Reclaimed Wood Desks

Our well-earned reputation for quality and attention to detail makes us stand out among other reclaimed wood desk manufacturers. We love what we do and enjoy the challenge of engineering products to our clients’ needs. It doesn’t make sense to buy furniture that isn’t made for your space. You want something that complements your decor and dimensions. Custom-made furniture from Greg Pilotti checks all the boxes.

Just a few benefits of choosing us for reclaimed wood desks include:

  • Our desks are easy to assemble on-site
  • We can create custom configurations that go beyond traditional desk setups
  • You can tell us about building restrictions, and we’ll create to fit your parameters
  • We ship across the country efficiently and cost-effectively

Get in Touch Today to Order Your Reclaimed Wood Desks

Reclaimed wood desks give your office character and personality. Clients will appreciate their professional appearance, and employees will love the look of their desks. Ordering custom furniture reflects your success and makes your office appear more polished. These desks give your office more of a cool, residential feel, which appeals especially to younger employees.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your distinct needs for computer desks made from reclaimed wood. See what exciting options we have available to you that meet all your office needs. Fill out our online contact form, located below, or call 484-712-5178.