Why a Restaurant’s Furniture Is Important

Furniture plays a significant role in offering an excellent first impression for your visitors in diners, cafes, coffee shops, bars and other eateries. Style and comfort affect guests’ overall experience and impact food and beverage sales. Learn about factors such as environmental impact and durability before you buy your restaurant furniture.

How Does Restaurant Interior Furniture Affect the Environment?

Solid wood offers a high-quality material with long-lasting use. Other furniture types require frequent replacements, resulting in landfill waste, creating a larger carbon footprint and overusing materials. When selecting your restaurant furniture, wood pieces offer these benefits:

  • Reclaimed sources: Reclaimed solid wood employs found materials from planks, sheds and other sources to give these pieces a new life rather than using new wood.
  • Reused pieces: Creating custom furniture items with preexisting elements allows for unique details with character and history.
  • Recycling options: Recycling wood into new forms multiple times lowers the need to cut down trees. Burning leftover wood as an energy source reduces the need to use fossil fuels like natural gas and oil.

Why Is Furniture Important in Restaurants?

Restaurant furniture must meet essential criteria to serve the business owners, employees and customers. Every food establishment should invite customers in with a welcoming appearance and persuade them to return. These factors optimize the quality of furnishings in a restaurant:

  • Style: Tables and seating should offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing manner to make businesses memorable and help them stand out from the competition.
  • Cleanliness: Surfaces with stain- and water-resistance remain presentable.
  • Durability: High-quality materials with scratch resistance allow for serving a high-traffic circulation of customers for years.

4 Types of Restaurant Dining Furniture

Many types of furniture play a role in a restaurant’s success. Whether you’re picking pieces out for the first time or renovating, selecting high-quality items allows for long-lasting use. Prepare to furnish a restaurant with these essential products:

  1. Tables: Select from rectangle, square or round table styles to optimize your dining layout for accommodating a high guest amount.
  2. Counters: Choose reclaimed or live edge countertops as stylish surfaces at bars or by the windows in cafes and coffee shops.
  3. Seating: Pick comfortable seating arrangements for individuals, couples or large groups by adding booths, chairs, benches, stools and lounge seating.
  4. Storage: Decide on organized solutions by storing items such as menus and flatware on a
    podium for hosts.

Order Custom Restaurant Furniture From Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers

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