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Solid Wood Conference Tables


A wooden conference table blends elegance with functionality, enhancing your boardroom or meeting space’s aesthetics. Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers proudly uses solid wood when we manufacture our wood conference tables, wooden boardroom tables, coordinating furnishings and other solid wood office furniture. As artisans who specialize in crafting wood furniture, we love the natural beauty of this material and the unique character it infuses into every piece.

No two pieces of solid wood furniture appear the same. Each piece is unique, as shifts in grain and colors are common. You may select smooth or rough edges when customizing a solid wood conference table. Due to our solid wood pieces coming from trees, imperfections may appear in some planks, but not all. That characteristic makes these tables so beautiful, as each one inhabits the history of the tree it was crafted from. With our finishing options, your solid wood table can appear subtle or be a showstopper or centerpiece for your office meetings.

All our solid wood tables are crafted with attention to detail and precision. When choosing the ideal solid wood boardroom table for your office, consider which materials and finishes will best fit your space. At Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers, we have options to cater to any need. Whether you prefer the warmth of oak, the richness of walnut or the modern feel of maple, we will custom design a solid wood conference table for your office.

What to Know About Solid Wood Conference Room Tables

Solid wood is popular due to its timeless, sophisticated look and durability. It withstands heavier use than alternatives like laminate and can easily be refinished after years of use. Different varieties of wood can be used to craft a solid wood conference table. Each piece of wood offers different aesthetics, from unique colors to grain qualities. These tables are crafted from real wood, meaning their distinct wooden grains, knots and other natural elements will shine through.

Regardless of your office’s decor style, a solid wood boardroom table can complement the rest of your space, spark conversations and give your team a functional, comfortable place to work. 

If you want to place your order for custom wood conference tables for your office, let us know and download our tear sheets. Our team sources high-quality pieces of wood and transforms them into stunning, irreplaceable pieces of furniture for your office. If your table becomes damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, you can sand, stain and seal it to restore its original beauty.

Solid Wood Conference Table Designs

Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers has a team filled with experienced and passionate craftspeople. We create each piece with meticulous precision and care. Our solid wood tables are made from high-quality wood sourced from our suppliers in Pennsylvania. We transform these raw materials into solid wood boardroom tables in a variety of designs, such as:

A-frame conference table

Bayonne table

Boat-shaped conference table

Brass table

Carve table

Communal table

Country table

Portland table

Railway table

Reclaimed community table

Reclaimed fulcrum table

Rift conference table

Solid wood conference table

Solid edge round table

Span conference table

Tenon table

Training table

Trestle table

Waterfall table

Wood veneer conference table

You have the flexibility to tailor each design to your specifications. Conference tables must complement the designated space, so size plays a pivotal role in customizing conference tables. We’ve created a guide detailing appropriate shapes and sizes for seating arrangements to aid your decision-making process. Refer to our comprehensive finishes guide for insights into the options available for our solid wood conference tables.

Our resources and shopping tools page offers more information on our extensive selection of over 1,000 patterns and combinations.

Solid wood boardroom conference table custom made by Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers.
reclaimed wood meeting room table
wooden conference table
custom wooden meeting room table
wooden carve table

Ordering One of Our Custom Solid Wood Conference Tables

Acquiring a solid wood conference room table is straightforward. Just arrange a consultation with Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers. Following your call with us, our team will provide a quote for your approval and create a sample. Once your one-of-a-kind table is complete, we will ensure it reaches your office safely with our white-glove delivery.

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Enhance your office’s aesthetics by incorporating a solid wood table. Contact us online or call us at 484-712-5178 to inquire today. 


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