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Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers is proud to use solid wood when we manufacture our conference tables, boardroom tables, coordinating furnishings and other solid wood office furniture. As woodworkers, we love the natural beauty of wood and the unique character of every piece. But why, you might be wondering, is solid wood so popular, and why should I consider it for my next conference room table?

The answer is pretty simple.  Wood furniture’s uniqueness brings a rich, textural feel to every room it inhabits. Subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, shifts in color and grain are common. Edges may be rough or smooth. Knots and tiny holes might appear in some planks but not in others. In short, every piece is completely unique, just like the tree it once came from.


What to Know About Solid Wood Tables


The difference between solid wood furniture and furniture made from laminate is clear. Wood furniture is durable and can easily be refinished after years of use.  A conference room table made from wood won’t have an exact match anywhere in the world.

Wood looks stunning in a wide array of decor styles. For example, a rustic round conference table adds an earthy element to a light-filled contemporary space. A solid wood table also looks beautiful in an industrial, modern, or farmhouse-style office. As a standalone furnishing in an office, a wood table is sure to be a conversation-starter you’ll return to again and again.

If you’re interested in ordering a wood conference table for your office, let us know. We can source beautiful solid wood and handcraft it to your precise needs. From a wood boardroom table with tech access points to matching furnishings placed throughout your office, we’re ready to help.


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How to Order a Solid Wood Boardroom Table


We make it easy to order custom furnishings that will make a statement in your office. Here’s how we work:

  1. We’ll schedule a call to find out what you need. We’d love to hear more about your office. Where do you plan to put your table and how do you want to use it? Does it need media access and power access, and how many should it seat comfortably? We will design your reclaimed wood conference table for your precise needs.
  2. We’ll price your table and deliver drawings and samples. Once you pay your deposit, we’ll get to work. You can expect to get drawings and samples from us a few days after our initial conversation. We’ll proceed with the build once we have your design approval.
  3. We’ll deliver your table via white-glove service. The only thing better than ordering a custom reclaimed wood table is getting to use it! We’ll have your table delivered your table straight to you with white-glove service. Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers ships nationwide


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For more information about our craftspeople or the wood we source, give us a call at (484) 712-5178.