5 Benefits of Quartz Table Tops

Quartz table tops are a popular choice for many buyers. Rich and luxurious appearances with low-maintenance qualities provide the beautiful material with a long life span, and it remains a top preference for countertops and tables. Each slab includes pigments with one-of-a-kind aesthetics for unique surfaces.

What Is Quartz?

Oxygen and silicon atoms from igneous rocks create the chemical makeup and general term for quartz. As the second most abundant mineral on the planet, these rocks contain various colors and forms. Some types include amethyst, tiger’s eye, onyx, agate and more. While pieces of quartz table tops are made from naturally occurring stone, engineering them with other materials provides personalization, making each piece original.

When mentioned by builders, contractors and homeowners, the mineral most commonly refers to white quartz table tops. Most people associate this common kitchen material with a neutral color displaying darker veins. Some slabs include sparkle for a stylish appearance.

Is quartz good for table tops? Yes, it’s known as one of the most robust table top options for tables and offers a classy and contemporary look. It provides an excellent medium for many custom furniture pieces in homes, restaurants, cafes and indoor office eating spaces.

5 Benefits of Quartz Table Tops

If you’re deciding between options for the best material for table tops, a custom quartz table top provides an excellent choice for function and beauty. The elegant and natural design suits many styles. A quartz stone table top provides a high-quality option for table tops with these impressive benefits:

  1. Strength: Quartz has durable qualities like granite and concrete and won’t chip or crack easily.
  2. Stain-resistance: Nonporous qualities make quartz more stain-resistant than marble, granite and concrete.
  3. Cleanliness: Quartz surfaces provide bacteria and virus resistance for clean table tops and counters.
  4. Range of colors: The process for finishing engineered stone offers a wide range of natural stone hues.
  5. Deep finish: Custom quartz table tops retain their glossiness or matte levels of finish.

Order Your Custom Quartz Table Top Today

Fill your office eating areas and other spaces with vintage quartz tables for a stylish and sophisticated option. Quartz works well in public environments because it offers clean and stain-free surfaces for eating. The material holds up well for typical everyday use, and employees will appreciate relaxing for lunch at beautiful tables.

Choose a custom quartz table if you’d like high-top tables facing windows, low surfaces in front of cushiony chairs or island-style tops for your space. Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers handcrafts high-quality furniture with complete personalization. Design your perfect tables with any size, shape and finish.

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