The 5 Best Conference Room Booking Systems

The 5 Best Conference Room Booking Systems

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 68% of office employees complete all or some of their work at their workplace. Some of this work happens during meetings, which are crucial for office success. They present an opportunity for collaboration and communication while ensuring that workers are on the same page.

Conference room booking comes with various challenges. The meeting room may be overbooked or crowded, or attendees could miss the meeting. To prevent these issues, consider using a conference room booking system.

Software for conference room booking helps simplify and organize the process of reserving a room for meetings. Check out this guide to learn about the best conference room booking systems and software programs.

What Are Conference Room Booking Systems?

Conference room booking software provides tools so employees can reserve conference rooms within an office, automate post-cleanup and lock amenities. The software improves workplace efficiency and simplifies the scheduling process to eliminate confusion when scheduling, rescheduling or canceling reservations.

Office managers can review the bookings to learn the frequency and amount of employees who use various conference rooms. Managers can implement restrictions and user permissions to ensure employees use the space appropriately.

The Benefits of Conference Room Booking Systems

Meeting room booking systems can:

  • Prevent overcrowding: Since employees can book the room in advance, organizers can monitor occupancy levels.
  • Prioritize meetings: There could be a large number of meetings daily. Booking software sorts and prioritizes urgent requests.
  • Prevent ghost meetings: Ghost meetings occur when employees book the room but reschedule or cancel the meeting, resulting in an empty room. Booking software will label the room as available, so someone else can reserve it.
  • Prevent double-booking: The software shows room reservations in real-time, preventing over-booking.
  • Utilize meeting rooms: Employees don’t use large conference rooms very often. Booking software allows managers to see what rooms employees use to manage meeting spaces. For instance, managers can create smaller collaboration spaces for the large meeting rooms when they aren’t in use.
  • Schedule post-meeting cleaning: The booking software can notify the janitorial staff once the meeting is over, so they can clean the room.
  • Make online reservations: Employees can book the room online and designate invitees. They can set the meeting’s purpose and occupancy limit.
  • Reserve amenities: Meeting organizers can reserve items like projectors and notepads for the meeting.
  • Reschedule meetings: Booking software allows for easy rescheduling. Employees can choose another date and time for their meeting based on what’s available.

The 5 Best Conference Room Booking Software Programs

Here is a list of the five best booking software programs.


Robin schedules meetings, people and desks in thousands of offices worldwide. It provides the tools to manage space and desks, allowing people to find each other and spaces quickly and optimize office space.


Condeco is a global leader in scheduling software solutions. Its software is for flexible workspaces. Employees can use the mobile app or Outlook calendar add-on to book meeting rooms from anywhere. With Condeco, companies introduce smarter booking processes into the workplace, maximize meeting space and reduce administration time.


WorkInSync helps companies create a hybrid workspace while promoting safety in the workplace. The software has many features, including:

  • Hotel and hotdesking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Conference room management
  • Parking and cafeteria management
  • Team calendar
  • Vaccination tracker
  • Health questionnaire
  • Contactless access management

By using WorkInSync, employers can improve employee productivity and engagement, reopen offices, implement safety guidelines and adopt hoteling.


Skedda is a leading space scheduling software for workplaces. It allows companies to automate the booking process and has various options for customization. Skedda is:

  • Easy to use: Employees can accomplish their goals with a few clicks.
  • Flexible: Companies can create a space-scheduling system that fits their organization.
  • Supportive: Skedda’s support team is available to answer questions during setup or use.


Envoy offers two scheduling platforms:

  • Envoy rooms: This software allows employees to schedule meeting rooms. They can manage the logistics of the meetings using the best way for them. Managers can access room usage analytics.
  • Envoy desks: Envoy desks is a hotdesking tool for hybrid workspaces. Envoy Desks allows employees to book a desk for the day, so they can choose where they want to sit. They are automatically assigned a desk when they sign in but can choose another one from an interactive map. This software ensures teams can collaborate in person while practicing safety guidelines. Analytics can help reconfigure unused space and let cleaning crews know which desks to sanitize.

How to Implement Conference Room Booking Systems in Your Office

Here are a few ways organizations can implement meeting room booking software:

  • Make a list of the features you want: By creating a list of the features you want, you can decide which software is best for you. Most offices want software that offers real-time data and a shared calendar.
  • Check for indoor maps: Another feature you might want your booking software to include is an indoor map, which allows employees to visualize where the meeting rooms are that they want to book. Also, check for an indoor positioning system. An indoor positioning system enables bookers to see which room they should book based on the real-time location of attendees. It can suggest the most efficient route for attendees, alert them when they need to leave and re-route them if the location changes.
  • Plan training sessions: Acquaint your workers with the new system through video calls or in-person sessions.
  • Create video tutorials: Offer video tutorials and training documents to your employees, so they can review them at their convenience. They can refer to the videos if they have questions while using the software.
  • Send emails with rollout plan: Compose an email with a rollout plan and schedule to send to your workers, so they know when you plan to implement the software.

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