Types of Conference Tables

Types of Conference Tables

When designing a new floor plan for your business or shopping for new office furniture, you shouldn’t overlook conference tables. The conference room is where you’ll hold important meetings, employee training sessions and more, and you want to project quality and professionalism with your decor choices. The conference room may also be where you meet new clients, vendors or business partners, and your furniture and decor is an important aspect of your company’s image.

Additionally, the current business layout and decor trends include warmth and a more home-like quality, with high-quality, comfortable furnishings that are a far cry from the boring, clinical office furniture of the past. But with so many style choices out there, you may wonder which conference tables are best for your company. Let’s look at some beautiful and popular options.

Bayonne Tables

Offering a sleek, contemporary look, the Bayonne Table from Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers is a popular choice for many businesses. The Bayonne Table will fit in with lots of different office styles and is specifically designed to come apart into several smaller pieces that are easy to carry and transport to another location in the office.

The pieces even fit in an elevator, making it easy to rearrange your office space or add an extra table wherever it’s needed. The Bayonne Table is a solid wood construction, with a base of metal laminate material. Choose from Ash, Red Oak, Maple, Walnut or White Oak for a customized look to match your business decor.

Flying V Conference Tables

When your company wants bold statement furniture in the boardroom, the Flying V Conference Table delivers. Of the many boardroom table types available, the Flying V Table exudes power and professionalism in the workplace. A quintessential choice for a sleek, modern office design, the Flying V Conference Table is also suited for modern meetings, with integrated power and data options available.

Keeping multiple devices connected and powered up is no problem. This large table design utilizes an Oak veneer top and multiple steel bases for added strength. Customized sizes and additional configurations are also available.

Live Edge Conference Tables

The sleek elegance of a live edge conference table enhances any conference room style. These gorgeous tables are perfectly at home in both modern and rustic settings. Each live edge conference table is totally unique, as it uses a large slab of wood cut directly from an individual tree.

No two trees are alike, and no two conference tables will be alike, either! These tables are also completely customizable to your size preferences, as well as the wood species and finish. A strong metal base finishes the look and adds strength and support.

Quartz Conference Tables

The look of quartz adds a luxurious quality to any decor and lends a professional, upscale appearance to any organization’s conference room. Quartz has a natural beauty that fits in with lots of different interior design styles. These sleek and beautiful quartz conference tables can be created in various sizes and shapes to meet your company’s individual needs.

They utilize a steel base for a clean, unified look and strength that will hold up over time. Keep your devices running through meetings with power and data integration right in the table.

River Conference Tables

An absolutely stunning addition to any office setting, river conference tables have a natural beauty and an array of one-of-a-kind features. These tables are crafted in the same way as the live edge models — by using a large slab of wood from your chosen tree. Just as each tree in the forest is unique, each wood slab and table will be unique as well.

River conference tables take the live edge appearance one step further with a custom piece of blue river glass that follows the wood’s curvature and simulates a river running through the forest. A minimalist steel base gives strength and puts a focus on the beautiful wood and glass top. These gorgeous tables are sure to be conversation starters, lending a sense of serenity to busy office environments.

solid wood conference tables

Solid Wood Conference Tables

Offering the ultimate in strength and durability, solid wood conference tables are constructed from the highest-quality hardwoods, including Ash, White Oak, Maple, Red Oak and Walnut. A strong steel base rounds out this sleek, no-nonsense design and lends strength to the table. These solid wood conference tables are built to last and are high-quality pieces for any business or organization.

They are also custom-built to order, and you can choose the wood species, finish and dimensions of each table, so they’ll be a perfect fit in your office. 

Veneer Waterfall Tables

For a strong, minimalist design that also gives a sense of calm and order, Veneer Waterfall Tables are a beautiful addition to any office decor. These gorgeous, modern tables allow the veneer’s wood grain to cascade over the edge of the tabletop and down to the base, much like a waterfall.

You can choose from various wood species and finishes, as well as custom sizing. This versatility makes these tables useful in the conference room, break room, kitchen, lobby and more. They also make excellent and attractive workstations. Use these gorgeous tables anywhere in your office to lend a sense of nature and beautiful design.

Wishbone Tables

These elegant tables have a live edge wood top unique to each custom model. The slabs of wood are cut from your choice of tree species, and the natural edge is left to add unique beauty to the center of the table. Our wishbone tables also have shop-made steel legs in elegant wishbone shapes.

The curvature of the wishbone legs mimics the graceful curves of the live edge wood. The steel legs are stronger and lighter than cast iron and can be finished in multiple colors to match any decor. Our wishbone tables can be constructed in any custom dimensions, so they’re sure to fit in with your business’s needs and design.

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Request Conference Table Pricing

If you’re ready to take the next step toward getting the best conference tables for your company, contact Greg Pilotti Furniture Makers today. We ship all over the U.S. to provide your business with unforgettable and elegant tables no matter where you reside.

Our helpful staff can give you advice on which types of tables to choose, as well as which wood species or finishes are best for you. We can also help you determine the right size table for your space. All of our conference tables are completely customizable, meaning we can make the perfect models for your company’s aesthetic. Get in touch with us to request more information or get a free quote.